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An article headlined "There Still Exists Another Sakamaki, Kyoko-chan Incident Tells Us" (Mada Iru Dai Ni no Sakamaki, Kyoko-chan Jiken wa Oshieru) reported the view of a psychopathologist, who had testified to the fatal features of methamphetamine in the Diet in 1951, that Sakamaki's behavior was typical of that of Philopon addicts.
In critiquing the DSM's classification system regarding mental disorders of adolescents, Grisso emphasizes the value of the conceptual approach of developmental psychopathologists.
With psychopathologists, sociologists tackle the impact of increased tension at work on labor accidents, and exposure to various pathologies, like stress and psychological sufferings (Dejours 1998; Clot 1998, 1999).
Though still preliminary, the use of carbon dioxide enriched air in aversive learning preparations may provide experimental psychopathologists and basic behavioral scientists a means to evoke topographies of psychological and physiological responses that mirror those seen in persons suffering from anxiety-related disorders.
For instance, it might allow psychopathologists to investigate whether a gene-culture co-evolutionary model of the transmission of schizophrenia, which took into account child- rearing practices, or the nature of interpersonal relationships in the home, might account for more of the variation in incidence than purely genetic models.