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suffering from an undiagnosed mental disorder

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The characteristics of psychopathologic evolution, with frequent relapses, manifested by new psychotic and depressive episodes, punctuate the way to the triggering of suicidal raptus.
Where correct orientation is the standard, a state of low psychological Africanity is weak and psychological misorientation is psychopathologic.
Differences in quality of life domains and psychopathologic and psychosocial factors in psychiatric patients.
Binswanger considers responsibility and freedom to be important factors of psychopathologic resistance (Binswanger, 1999).
Axis I comorbidity and psychopathologic correlates of autodestructive syndromes.
Evaluating stress in patients who have undergone mastectomy is important for identifying those at high risk for developing psychopathologic disorders while receiving treatment, and also contributing for management of nursing care delivered for these women.
Scores on all subscales and the scale total were thus classified as either normal or psychopathologic.
A comparative study of Arab and Jewish patients admitted for psychiatric hospitalization in Jerusalem: the demographic, psychopathologic aspects, and the drug abuse comorbidity.
Following this perspective, this study is aimed at identifying factors playing a preventive role against psychopathologic and behavioral problems during adolescence.
Diagnostic and psychopathologic evaluation of binge eating disorder in gastric bypass patients.
Hombres condenados por violencia grave contra la pareja: un estudio psicopatologico [Men sentenced for serious partner violence: A psychopathologic study].
49) Instead of "grotesque duels in which an acquittal is sought, no matter what the psychological or psychopathologic conditions" of the defendant, the trial would center on "an absolutely scientific discussion" aimed at classifying the defendant as one of five criminal types.
A range of researches has shown a positive association between psychopathologic symptoms and efforts made to avoid emotions, thoughts, memories and other private events (Hayes et al.
They also completed psychologic rating scales to assess depression (Carroll Rating Scale for Depression), levels of anger, anxiety, and curiosity (Spielberger State-Trait Personality Inventory), and psychopathologic symptom dimensions such as depression, somatization, phobic anxiety, and paranoid ideation (Bfief Symptom Inventory).