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any standardized procedure for measuring sensitivity or memory or intelligence or aptitude or personality etc

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When used correctly, occupational psychometric tests can help to select the right people for roles in organisations and reduce the risk of a bad hire.
Patients were subjected to symptom analysis, clinical examination, laboratory investigations, psychometric tests and critical flicker frequency test to establish the current degree of encephalopathy.
We track some of the progress in the field of clinical cross-cultural psychometric test development before and since the appearance of the ITC Guidelines.
Professionals from entry-level graduates to senior executives can benefit from the psychometric tests, by using them to find a career path most suited to their personality," the job site said.
The candidates will be selected from among UAE Nationals working in various public and private sector organizations following a number of examinations, including an English language test and a psychometric test to determine those with leadership potential.
This checklist is for all who may be considering using psychometric tests in an employment situation; for example, for workshops, counselling, career development, team building, personnel selection or assessment centres.
Psychometric tests carried out on 52-year-old Christopher Lumsden in prison showed him to have a depressive, compulsive personality with the tendency to shoulder responsibility and break down under pressure, Manchester Crown Court was told.
Under the terms of the agreement, PARSHIP has white-labelled its unique online dating service, which uses a psychometric test to determine matches between compatible people.
Central Test, as a qualified online psychometric test publisher, also declines to be the source or the author of the study published on the 'Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Browser Usage'.
JOBSEEKERS can take a free psychometric test, attend CV clinics and careers presentations at the National Graduate Recruitment Exhibition at Birmingham NEC on June 6 and 7.
He said candidates recruited after completing a psychometric test should be followed up a year or two later to see whether they are moving up within the company and how they are rated by their peers.
Cdr Howells said he was astonished to discover he had allegedly performed poorly in the ``numerical skills'' section of the 30-minute long Thomas International psychometric test.
But even before you get the chance to open your mouth in an interview, you may have had your mental suitability examined in a psychometric test.
The graduate psychometric test workbook; essential preparation for quantitative reasoning, data interpretation and verbal reasoning tests, 2d ed.
RELATIONSHIP support agency Relate has launched an online psychometric test to give web users an insight into their personalities.