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a feature of the mental life of a living organism

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Being affectable by this self-changing activity is an additional type of systematic connection that makes a psychological feature or operation more a part of a personal psychological system than it otherwise would be.
Some psychological features, especially which reflect mental toughness, such as poor self-confidence, frustration and anxiety, contribute significantly to sports achievement.
Given that humans' sexual choices determine who reproduces most and, in turn, which physical and psychological features are favored over time, a trait that may not help a person to survive can still provide a reproductive advantage that is passed along to offspring.
High levels of abnormal psychological features appears also in emotional lability and may be with the same explanation--stress and reluctance towards psychological evaluation, but also high levels of stress can be generated by the instability of workplaces and the low level of salary in primary schools.
Intelligent agents with non-Bayesian attitudes toward uncertainty, disappointment aversion, present-bias, and other realistic psychological features should take this into account when planning.
Another grant will go to a researcher in Italy who will study how economic actors form and change their beliefs about their environment and their peers, by adding emotional and psychological features to existing models.
Now its one thing to have a biological dysfunction leading to harmful eating habits, however it's a much more complex issue when that biological component is exasperated by psychological features.
PCOS has significant and diverse clinical implications including reproductive (infertility, hyperandrogenism, hirsutism), metabolic (insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, type 2 diabetes mellitus, adverse cardiovascular risk profiles) and psychological features (increased anxiety, depression and worsened quality of life).
Psychological features of BED typically include low levels of cognitive restraint and high levels of disinhibition, hunger, and shape and weight concerns.
Their use extends beyond these areas, however, and it is now accepted that antidepressants are efficacious in treating chronic pain syndromes in addition to their effects on psychological features such as low mood, inordinate guilt, or feelings of worthlessness.
Stress might have been exerting differing effects on attacks, presumably due to variations in stress type, severity, duration, and individual physical and psychological features of the patients making the causal interpretation difficult (1-7).
The psychological features that many anorexic patients show--clinical depression, delusions, a distorted body image, and the need for control--can hamper their capacity to make safe choices about their health, limiting their ability to give informed consent.
From these two assumptions it follows immediately that content ascriptions are ascriptions of, inter alia, individualistic psychological features, features which molecular duplicates share.
In particular, studying psychological features sheds light on the person's personality, motivations, and relationship styles.
She provides illuminating analyses of the unifying themes, narrative structure, psychological features, and style of the three works.
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