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Notice, by the way, that all of the social and psychological disorders described above [but not included here for brevity's sake]--the broken homes, the child abuse, and so forth-are present within the 'heterosexual culture.
The only limitation on the use of any preemployment psychological test is that the test may not disclose a mental or psychological disorder.
SANA'A, July 4 -- Amat al-Razzak Hammed, the Yemeni Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, confirmed that the number of people suffering from psychological disorders in Yemen is increasing daily, due to the difficult circumstances in Yemen.
An excellent survey of an increasingly common psychological disorder.
It has declared that gayness itself is immoral, a psychological disorder that renders even celibate homosexuals moral lepers.
People who commit murder-suicides, like those who commit suicide, almost always have a diagnosable psychological disorder, whether it has been identified or not, said Pam Farkas, a licensed clinical social worker and board member of American Foundation of Suicide Prevention.
They live in a severe psychological disorder,''he said.
And later he sought treatment for his psychological disorder which led him into dangerous situations.
Additionally, it explores the relationships between animal abuse and conduct disorder, analyzes the motives of child and adolescent animal abusers, and considers the contexts that may lead to the emergence of animal abuse as a symptom of psychological disorder.
If either physician believes that the patient might be suffering from a psychiatric or psychological disorder or from depression causing impaired judgment, the physician must refer the patient to a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist for counseling.
Rehman Malik said Modi wants dominance of India over Pakistan and this approach is his psychological disorder.
The therapies treat homosexuality as a psychological disorder that can develop from factors such as sexual abuse as a child or a lack of strong parental figures.
Crimes that do not cite a psychological disorder go to court immediately.
The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), the body charged with enforcing the ADA, has defined a "physical or mental impairment" as any physiological disorder or condition, cosmetic disfigurement, or anatomical loss affecting one of the major body systems [5], or any mental or psychological disorder such as mental retardation, organic brain syndrome, emotional or mental illness, or specific learning disabilities.
Like the former Soviet rulers, America's policy establishment dismisses such skepticism of official economics as a sign of psychological disorder.
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