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Currently, aside from Maranzan's (2016) review of the literature concerning pedagogical techniques, there is very little research exploring coverage of psychological disorder stigma in psychology courses.
While considered a psychological disorder, "shopaholics" can seek counselling from groups like Shopaholics Anonymous or psychotherapists and psychologists.
PESHAWAR -- In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa because of terrorism, kidnappings and other law and order incidents and unemployment, migration of people from Tribal areas in year 2013, mental and psychological disorders disease were on the rise in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
In the Epidemiologic Catchment Area-ECA study which is one of the largest epidemiological studies performed in the world and which was conducted by the "national Psychological Health Institute" in USA, it was found that the one-month prevalence of at least one psychological disorder was 15% in the population.
Social and Psychological Disorder in the Works of Edgar Allan Poe, like all of the books in this series, is organized in three sections, beginning with background information about the author and providing insight into how the author's experiences influenced his or her work.
Mudit was suffering from a psychological disorder and was undergoing treatment at Vimhans hospital.
Binge eating is a psychological disorder, and clinical psychologist Cynthia Bulik explore its link to genetics and brain chemistry as well as cultural and social issues.
According to the study, around 150 defendants are referred to mental hospitals every year, only five percent of which are actually diagnosed with some form of psychological disorder.
To make psychological disorders more applicable to college student samples, we modified the instrument as follows: The term mental disturbance was replaced with psychological disturbance, the mentally ill with a person with psychological disorder (e.
The more teenagers experience war incidents the more they are [likely to exhibit] a certain psychological disorder," the study said.
DID is, however, currently recognized by the DSM-IV-TR as a true psychological disorder that emerges, most commonly, as a result of early childhood sexual abuse (DSM-IV-TR, 1994; Haddock, 2001; Zimbardo, Johnson, & Weber, 2006; Comer, 2007; Lev-Wiesel, 2005).
An underlying psychological disorder and a desire for secondary gain drive this deception.
95) explains how brain chemistry affects behavior, explaining the complex possibilities of neurobiology and drug therapies to explore what happens in the brain of one suffering a debilitating psychological disorder.
Prof Roland Griffiths, of Baltimore's Hopkins School of Medicine, warns about caffeine withdrawal being so serious that it can become a genuine psychological disorder.
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