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However, the Psychiatric Hospital specialist admitted the defendant was easily enraged due to a psychological condition.
Dr Shaikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, accompanied by staff of UAE Embassy in London, visited the Emirati women at the Cromwell Hospital where he was briefed by the medical team on their medical and psychological condition and the health care they receive.
Thanks to electronic remote learning, persons from all walks of life now have the chance to go to college, regardless of their age, or their physical or psychological condition," she said.
au, Gordon said that it took a good deal of courage for players like Trott and Marcus Trescothick to put their hand up and say that they are unable to cope, adding that people need to get over the 'macho' view that a person dealing with a psychological condition is less worthy than others.
THIS is a well-recognised psychological condition, known as either anorexia athletica or hypergymnasia.
Zayed Mohammed, chief of traffic prosecution in RAK, said: "The woman said during interrogation that she had committed these offences because she is suffering from a psychological condition that pushes her to drive very fast.
Al- Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi appeared in decent physical and psychological condition and his general demeanor was relaxed.
The psychological condition known as compulsive hoarding disorder is closely related to obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it causes sufferers to collect increasingly large numbers of items, frequently in incredibly unsanitary conditions.
Upon investigation, the police claimed the woman said she was in a bad psychological condition and went to the Holy Haram, then she received a call from her husband's employer asking to meet her to give her papers which belong to her husband.
While we manage to keep the endless array of old newspapers and junk under control, thanks to a psychological condition, some are a lot less vigilant.
The man was from Kut and he suffered from a difficult psychological condition," he added.
A number of things can cause it, including anxiety, stress or a psychological condition.
The document also says that suspect Yilmaz has not yet been extradited from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan, the victim girl was not provided with compensation, she is in a difficult psychological condition and has no job.
Her physical health is good, but we want to make sure she is in the right psychological condition before she is released.
Mubarak's health is stable but he remain in a bad psychological condition.
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