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a person (usually a psychologist but sometimes a linguist) who studies the psychological basis of human language

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The semantically implied irregular inflection effect may not have a major impact on the field of cognitive linguistics because it strays too far from traditional methods of research rooted in the ongoing theoretical debate in psycholinguists described at the beginning of this paper.
Which is why psycholinguist Stephen Pinkers assertion that genetic inheritance determines everything about us strikes a chord with me.
This same title is also a primary source for a psycholinguist, who has a very different subject orientation.
197) Based upon a jury comprehension study testing the Illinois pattern jury instructions (found to be similar to the instructions in the Free trial) and psycholinguist experts, the district court had determined that there was a reasonable likelihood that the jury was confused about the availability of nonstatutory mitigating factors, the nature of the burden of persuasion, and which side, if any, had the burden.
Language itself is the subject of a new book by Steven Pinker, a psycholinguist at MIT, whose insights offer the general reader entree into discoveries in cognitive science and speculations about human nature.
Psycholinguist Karen Emmorey of San Diego State University calls new evidence that fluent signers perceive signs as whole entities "a key insight.
The inherent characteristics of the words - how they sound - provide enough information to distinguish which language a word belongs to," said Mike Vitevitch, psycholinguist at the University of Kansas.
is a senior research psycholinguist in SRI's Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory.
In sum, while the TVJT remains a powerful tool in the arsenal of the developmental psycholinguist, methodological assumptions alone and confidence in one's experimental technique are no substitute for empirical evidence when it comes to disentangling the role of competence and performance factors in studies designed to assess children's linguistic knowledge.
The new research adds a little more weight to the learning side of the argument, said Elizabeth Bates, a psycholinguist at the University of California, San Diego.
The psycholinguist Peter Jusczyk showed that in fact the very opposite occurred.
Their findings appear relevant to real-world behaviors, remarks psycholinguist Benjamin Bergen of the University of California, San Diego.
The previous findings made no sense to those of us who have studied language," said Gary Dell, a psycholinguist in the department of psychology at Illinois and corresponding author on the study.
Vicki Sudhalter, PhD, Psychologist and Developmental Psycholinguist, New York State Institute for Basic Research, The Role of Hyperarousal and Inhibitory Control Deficits in the Speed and Language Difficulties of Individuals with Fragile X Syndrome
Kemper, a psycholinguist who is an author of the study, said that researchers used idea-density measurements to categorize texts according to how difficult they are to read and understand.