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using language loaded with psychological terminology

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As long as he doesn't go back to spouting psychobabble from his backside.
Mr Martin may be consciously uncoupled from Gwynnie, but he's clearly still very much attached to the Big Boring Book of Psychobabble.
William Nestor's The Age of Jackson and the Art of American Power, 1815-1848, poses as an objective historical analysis of Andrew Jackson's exercise of power as both general and president, but in reality is a mix of ideological judgments and political psychobabble. Nester reveals his ideological preconceptions in the book's Introduction and its final chapter entitled "Legacy," where he compares Jackson to the hated George W.
People who talk that kind of psychobabble should not be allowed within a thousand miles of decisions that affect the health and wellbeing of the community.
Following a load of psychobabble rubbish involving Clive comically swimming up and down the pool shouting rude words, he actually did the deed with Granny Greene.
With a minimum of professional jargon, theory, and psychobabble, the handbook for will be useful for veterans and families as well as those in the helping professions.
Nowhere is this more true than in our police force, where the fashionable psychobabble of careerist managers has to negotiate the gnarled experience of senior officers.
The review appears to label ashram discourses/chants as "psychobabble" and describes the movie as "spiritually barren".
After 14 minutes of listening to psychobabble - addictive nonetheless - I discovered that the only tip of the day was Carmelite House in Newmarket's Houghton Stakes.
There's a lot of psychobabble that applies that applies in this marketing challenge." --Don Delzell, CEO, Future Merchants
"Harpy, Hero, Heretic: Hillary" uses up a lot of column inches with sociological psychobabble and, at this early stage of the political cycle, meaningless prognostications that trivialize our politics.
All his theories drive her nuts and sound like psychobabble. He keeps pushing himself into situations and becomes a real annoyance.
There's a tight, focused, forward momentum to "Hounded," with no backstory or psychobabble, that leaves little time for the viewer to question it in "realistic" terms.
Ehrenrich's soft side is saved for the sad seekers, many of whom seem to swim like lemmings into the sea of psychobabble that suggests if only they had a more positive and winning attitude, if only they projected success with enough force and conviction,/f only they committed more of their dwindling reserves to the career makeover (con?) artists.