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Turberfield offers few third-person "accounts of [Viaud's] public persona," so what we are lefi with is yet another attempt to psychoanalyze an author through his characters and what he (in Viaud's case only suggests that he) wrote about himself.
The aim is to help people overcome obstacles in their lives, not psychoanalyze their past.
I think it's always a little dangerous to psychoanalyze authors who have been dead for several centuries.
You don't have to psychoanalyze or patronize people to conclude that we have problems.
What is more strange is the academics not only psychoanalyze the Hindus but also the gods.
No attempts are made to "interpret" Adorno's dreams, or force a connection between them and the events of his life, or to psychoanalyze them.
Though she met the same temptations her predecessors did to speculate, psychoanalyze, and judge, Rowley stays close to her sources and withholds her own verdicts.
So rather than interview potential customers, Rapaille decided to psychoanalyze them.
Secondly, this study might create controversy among literary critics of drama because Bower tries to psychoanalyze or at least apply psychoanalytic concepts to fictive characters.
This is tantamount to asking the subjects to psychoanalyze themselves.
One can forgive the author her many repetitions of fact and tendency to psychoanalyze Dolly.
I can't psychoanalyze the North Koreans and the public statements they make.
The authors have avoided the trap of trying to divine Saddam Hussein's intentions or attempting to psychoanalyze him by remote control, pitfalls that have snared other recent assessments of Iraq.
We don't want to psychoanalyze this; we just want to report it as it is.
The characters who tune into this higher source, however, do little but psychoanalyze each other, asking such probing questions as "How's childhood drama?