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If your interests are broad, if you are someone who was drawn to psychiatry because you really want to know what makes people tick, you may well find a career in psychoanalysis to be remarkably fulfilling.
There are essential differences between psychoanalysis and phenomenology.
Minding spirituality: Perspective from relational psychoanalysis.
Like his mentor Freud, Jones decided in his early adolescence to become a doctor but ended up specializing in the "talking cure" (as psychoanalysis was early labeled) quite unintentionally.
When I think of how Randy interacted with people I am reminded of a quote from the psychoanalyst Hans Loewald in his famous paper, "On the Therapeutic Action of Psychoanalysis.
this--more than undoing forgetting--is the task of psychoanalysis.
7) Unlike mechanical applications of a set of concepts, or a clinical process apt to become an "excuse for not thinking," psychoanalysis in this broader sense is a process of speculation and experiment, merging with "theory as experience.
For those interested in psychoanalysis, this study is an interesting one; for those interested in drama, it raises controversy.
Almost ten years ago, Sally Alexander commented that '[f]eminist history has been slow to draw on psychoanalysis--which is odd given the--to some extent--shared preconceptions of psychoanalysis and the women's movement' (p.
Secularization, the proliferation of contraception, and psychoanalysis have led us to think of sexuality in terms of pleasure rather than reproduction, in terms of the penis rather than the testicles.
Psychoanalysis rejects as "primitive" notions of self such as those circulating amongst indigenous South African cultures while it privileges the individualised psychological person who emerges in the early modern period in the West.
Then there was another Christian-based program, the Emmanuel Movement, which interestingly included some Freudian psychoanalysis in its otherwise spiritual approach.
1939: Austrian founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud died in Hampstead, London, aged 83.
The chapter is about an emerging biological psychoanalysis built on biochemistry and physiology that threatens to bring about the scientization of psychology that Freud, unlike Coles, anticipated without worry.
Because in order to prove the preeminence of psychoanalysis over philosophy--or any other discipline, it seems--Zizek resorts to the pragmatist line of argumentation that claims that there are no pr esuppositions to practices.