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Here we are tacking it as instinctual psychic energy generated towards Eros" i.
There was a woman who painted maps of psychic energy in the landscape and who talked about the Aborigines.
And while the amount of physical and psychic energy we pour into our possessions is staggering, what matters more is our blind, large-scale embrace of one of alchemy's core ideas--that time can be bent to defy nature's schedule in favour of ours.
I try to do the most important work I have to do early each day, while I have the physical and psychic energy to do it.
The first investigation was inconclusive, finding there was psychic energy but not intelligence.
The investment of time and psychic energy on the part of patrons in completing almost 19,000 surveys was staggering.
The oxymoronic expression, "thinking hearts",1 is from Wordsworth's poem "Hart-Leap Well" which guides us to the way our psychic energy flows in or out through the four "functions" on the conscious level' These "functions" operate in two major modes: extraversion and introversion.
And the star of shows Crossing Over and Cross Country says it's not just about communicating with the dead, his show is about learning to enhance your psychic energy and applying it to your everyday life.
Her new friends use their combined psychic energy to help Reeno and Jag as they travel back in time to a Mayan village, retrieve the codex, and dissolve the curse that is causing Haley's sickness.
He had a lot of psychic energy," said his brother, Phil, who partnered with Mike West at West Bros.
Ragland says that Freud evolves a theory of psychic energy in which a death force opposes a life force.
Barry does not claim that anger causes cancer, but he argues persuasively that purging old resentments -- "a little ugliness in the deep recesses of my heart" -- frees up psychic energy that patients might not otherwise have, increasing their remission and survival rates.
The psychic energy cast off through dissociation and splitting, the sacrificed aspects of self, do not simply disappear into thin air, but rather continues in split off form as a primitively organized alternative self.
a journalist (Ewan McGregor) investigates the strange-but-true case of a US army officer (George Clooney), who is trained to harness his psychic energy in THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS.
Stratford has always been impressive when it comes to spiritual activity, probably because there's such a lot of old buildings in the area, which have soaked up psychic energy over the years.