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Many artists feel that psychedelic drugs spark a higher degree of richness of imagery, appreciation for beauty, or induce spectacular sensory experiences as opposed to increasing artistic skills.
Contrasting the above historical information with more conventional views on drug use, the topic of nonproblematic psychedelic drug use indeed seems fascinating and contradictory.
Psychedelic drugs, an important component of the counterculture, were used in a variety of ways: recreation, self-exploration, or as a method of achieving transcendental experiences.
The same could be said for the so-called second summer of love when house was the psychedelic drug taker's music of choice and the Es were undoubtedly good.
1 Business premises (13) 8 Still Game star (4,7) 14 Dickens' novel, - - - Twist (6) 16 Art rubber (6) 17 Witchlike old woman (5) 18 Otherwise (4) 19 Desire greatly (5) 21 Sanction (7) 22 German composer (4) 23 Commence (a discussion) (4,3) 24 Utilise (3) 25 Catch sight of (4) 26 General tendency (5) 27 Group of Scottish islands (8) 28 Psychedelic drug (1,1,1) 30 Unruffled (6) 38 The Little Bear, - - - Minor (4) 41 Unreliable person (5,6) 42 Aberdeen FC ground (9) 44 Type of spanner (7) 46 Dare (7) 47 Cramped (5) 48 Angus prison (9) 50 Playing truant (7) 52 Board member (8) 54 Having ample space (5) 55 Investigate in depth (5) 57 Honesty (5) 58 Go wrong (3) 61 Night-time visitor?
As testament to the significance of psychedelic drug use among many of the Silicon Valley bushwhackers, Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple Computers, maintains that taking LSD was one of the two or three most important things he has ever done (Markoff 2005: xix).
THE scientist who discovered the psychedelic drug LSD has died aged 102.
The US singer was caught on camera smoking the psychedelic drug salvia in December 2010.
In a recent article, Sessa (2008) argued that the possible connection between psychedelic drug use and creativity needs to be revisited.
Psychedelic drug LSD came in 14th while ecstasy was ranked 18th.
PMMA is a psychedelic drug and stimulant closely related to the amphetamine-class paramethoxyamphetamine.
Psychedelic drug (such as LSD) users often experience a series of "expanded consciousness including vivid imagination and dream-like states."
police found ecstasy, LSD, ketamine and psychedelic drug 5-Meo-DIpT in 61-year-old Brian Dodgeon's house after Isobel Jones-Reilly, 15, suffered a cardiac arrest in April.
The most interesting of these results emerged from the works of Harman, McKim, Mogar, Fadiman and Stolaroff (1966) and Zegans, Pollard and Brown (1967), both of which found evidence to suggest a causal relationship between psychedelic drug use and improved scores on tests of creativity.
Rodney King, 36, is accused of being under the influence of the psychedelic drug PCP.