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any plant or fossil of the genus Psilophyton

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A new species of Psilophyton from the Lower Devonian of northern New Brunswick.
The telome theory is psilopsidcentered, for the Upper Silurian to Mid-Devonian Psilophytales (Hicklingia, Taenocrada, Zosterophyllum, Rhynia, Horneophyton, Psilophyton, etc.
Psilotum and Tmesipteris), one extinct heterosporous progymnosperm, three extinct and one extant seed plants, and the extinct homosporous trimerophyte Psilophyton crenulatum (Appendix 1).
Progressing distally, these clades are: the stauropterid ferns (Fern Clade #1); the trimerophyte Psilophyton crenulatum; the living psilotophytes Psilotum + Tmesipteris; a clade consisting of the lignophytes + (equisetophytes + Paleozoic ferns of the Cladoxylales and Zygopteridales) (Fern Clade #2); and a clade that includes all of the fern groups with living species (Fern Clade #3).
For comparison with results of previous studies by other authors that included living taxa only, an analysis was conducted with all of the extinct terminal taxa except Psilophyton crenulatum omitted from the character matrix.