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a hallucinogenic compound obtained from a mushroom

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The results were compared against seven healthy individuals of the same age who were not treated with psilocybin.
Brains scans using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed increased brain activity and blood flow following the psilocybin treatment.
Magic mushrooms containing psilocybin and its derivative psilocin can cause hallucinations and changes in perception.
A new trial from the team next year will test psilocybin against a leading antidepressant in a group of patients.
We have shown for the first time clear changes in brain activity in depressed people treated with psilocybin after failing to respond to conventional treatments," said Robin Carhart-Harris, Head of Psychedelic Research at Imperial, who led the study.
Studying the effects of classic hallucinogens in the treatment of alcoholism: rationale, methodology, and current research with psilocybin.
A 2014 double-blind, randomized cross-over study, led by Rainer Kraehenmann, found that psilocybin decreased amygdala reactivity to negative and neutral stimuli in 25 healthy volunteers.
Three months after swallowing Home Office-licensed psilocybin capsules, seven patients continued to show an improvement and of these five remained depressionfree.
British researchers led by David Nutt, a professor of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial, have been exploring the potential of psilocybin to ease severe forms of depression in people who don't respond to other treatments.
adult male inmates who did not take psychedelic drugs were arrested within six years for domestic battery after their release, compared to a rate of 27 per cent for those who had taken drugs such as LSD, psilocybin (commonly known as magic mushrooms) and MDMA (ecstasy).
And what happened was this: I got rest, asked for a psilocybin mushroom from a "sober" friend from AA, drove out into the desert, put on a pack, filled up the Gamelback with water, and set off up a mountain.
Andreas had stumbled into an underground world of therapists and self-described healers who are treating traumatic memories with the help of drugs, like MDMA, LSD and psilocybin.
LSD (along with its natural sister psilocybin mushrooms) had a midcentury decade of press coverage that was surprisingly educated and positive.
The mushrooms contain the psychedelic compounds psilocybin and psilocin and when taken colours, sounds and objects appear distorted.
Chemically, DMT is closely related to psilocybin and psilocin (4-hydroxy-N-dimethyltryptamine), as well as to bufotenine (5-hydroxy-N-dimethyltryptamine).