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physiological state in which a woman exhibits symptoms of pregnancy but is not pregnant

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2) These distinctions could be difficult to make clinically; for example, an increase in abdominal girth could be a result of pseudocyesis or obesity.
Patients with pseudocyesis exhibit subjective and objective findings of pregnancy, such as abdominal distension, enlarged breasts, enhanced pigmentation, lordotic posture, cessation of menses, morning sickness, and weight gain.
7) Rather than being a somatoform disorder such as pseudocyesis, a delusion of pregnancy is a symptom of psychosis or, rarely, dementia.
As with many psychosomatic conditions, the pathological process of pseudocyesis originally was thought of in a psychodynamic context.
Subjective pseudocyesis in normal women who exhibit enhanced imaginings and elevated indicators of electrical lability within the temporal lobes: implications for the "missing embryo syndrome".
Pseudocyesis has components of conversion and psychophysiologic disorders.
Pseudocyesis dramatically illustrates the interaction between mind and body.
For some incest survivors, pseudocyesis may be a metaphor for their trauma and may serve as a defense mechanism to keep knowledge of the incest out of their conscious awareness.
The following case report describes the manifestation of pseudocyesis in a 16-year-old incest survivor.
A desire for or fear of pregnancy creates an internal conflict and causes endocrine changes to explain the signs, symptoms, and laboratory findings in pseudocyesis.
Pseudocyesis may be initiated by the neuroendocrine changes associated with a major depressive disorder.
SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF PSEUDOCYESIS Signs or Symptoms Percentage of Patients Abdominal enlargement 63 Menstrual irregularities 56 Sensation of fetal movements 48 Gastrointestinal symptoms 41 Breast changes or secretions 40 Labor pains 28 Uterine enlargement 9 Cervical softening 6 From small.