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(often used in combination) not genuine but having the appearance of

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Why were all the hacks who covered the story afraid to use the correct words that project the whole truth about pseudo Father Alexei, who set up the illegal 'Russian Orthodox Church of North Cyprus' that is recognised by no-one?
Plain x-ray shows pseudo articulation of right L5 transverse process and sacrum (Figure 3).
In a veiled reference, Patel also termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, "pseudo nationalist." He said: "India will not forgive such people who have insulted, hurt and abused our martyrs.
He further said that the arrested pseudo policemen had hired a vehicle for their criminal activities on the monthly rent of Rs.
Pistol, vehicle and mobile phones have also been recovered from the custody of the arrested pseudo policemen, said ASP Suhai.
Hardly anyone on social media knows what feminism is about and they end up being pseudo feminists.
SO this pseudo celebrity was at the airport and she was talking to her mom, a former actress, on the phone.
The court was told Hearn faced three charges of making an indecent photograph or pseudo photograph of a child, including 172 of category A, 128 of category B and 335 of category C.
The kinetic study was analyzed by pseudo first, second and intraparticle diffusion models.
Recently, we applied neutrosophic set theory to pseudo -BCI algebras in [35].
The Langmuir isotherm best described the adsorption of PNP onto PAC, while pseudo second order kinetics fitted best.
Vukicovic, "On Zagreb indices of Pseudo regular graphs," Journal of Mathematical Nanoscience, vol.
Pseudo first-order kinetic model assumes that the rate of change of solute uptake with time is directly proportional to difference in saturation concentration and the amount of solid uptake with time.
The recent 2009 WHO classification of tumours of pancreas named this clinical entity as "Solid pseudo papillary tumour of pancreas", keeping in view the two most characteristic morphological findings; solid and pseudo-papillary pattern of growth.3