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the branch of sociology that studies election trends (as by opinion polls)

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This field has been vacated to the instrumentally motivated specialists in: psychology and social psychology, organisational communication, psephology, public relations, public affairs, media advice, opinion editorial production, corporate communication, think tanks, advertising, market research, opinion research, customer relations, event management and so on.
Pineapple Party Time's psephology bloggers--Possum Comitatus and William Bowe --presented objective analysis for their readers.
And psephology for its virtues cannot even claim to be an imperfect science," party spokesperson Manish Tewari said.
New Labour's compromises and calibrations were the result of hard-headed calculations by people convinced that the realities of psephology and sociology, monopoly media ownership, international capital mobility and global power politics left them no other line of advance.
A number of people I have met recently have questioned my ability in psephology in predicting who would be the incumbent of 10 Downing Street.
In particular he is concerned with Dodgson's work in geometry, algebra, logic (including symbolic logic) and what he calls 'the mathematics of voting' which could today be called psephology. (This included an argument for proportional representation, happily not adopted, as yet anyway, in parliamentary elections.) Prof.
of Salford, the UK) offer a thorough overview of current trends in psephology, or the scientific study of elections.
IT'S AMAZING, when you think about it, how something as apparently irrelevant to planning as psephology or education can shape the places we live in.
His psephology was undoubtedly well-founded--Muslim immigrants attaining citizenship would be far more likely to have a conservative viewpoint on social issues than the bulk of the Dutch population born into a post-60s world.
(Today, the study of voting behaviour is called psephology, from the Greek psephos, pebble.
(As an aside, most of the book is written by relatively young political scientists, but it seems a mark of the times in British psephology that the chapter analysing the results is by a -- relatively -- old-hand in David Denver!
Unlike some priests who want to impress their captive audience with their knowledge of subjects as varied as theology and psephology, his was a message from the heart.
If The Australian's interactions with psephology blogs in 2007 underlined 'the sensitivity of some traditional media and their difficulties in coming to grips with the online world' (Young, 2011: 211), then Grogsgate showed that sensitivity to persist even in the present, considerably more converged, media environment.
Simplistic analysis which assumes that Liberal-Labour cooperation would have led to all their voters combining straightforwardly against the Conservatives is not fit to be called psephology. Such a deal would instead have led to the large-scale desertion of Liberals from 'progressivism' and into the Conservative camp.