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a tumor derived from fibrous tissue of the meninges or choroid plexus or certain other structures associated with the brain


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Calcifications are basophilic in centre surrounding eosinophilic border resembling psammoma bodies.
It was considered to be an encapsulated variant of papillary carcinoma due to similar nuclear features, presence of psammoma bodies, immunohistochemistry profile and RET/PTC translocation.
Microscopically, DSVPTC is characterized by the following five features: diffuse gland involvement; dense and sclerotic fibrosis; extensive lymphocytic infiltration; numerous psammoma bodies; and frequent squamous metaplasia.
Psammamatous melanotic schwannoma is circumscribed, heavily pigmented with psammoma bodies, tumour cells being S-100 positive and CD34 negative.
The presence of psammoma bodies is useful as they rarely occur in metastases from other tumours.
Clasificacion de la WHO para meningiomas WHO I WHO II WHO III 90 % 5-7 % 1-3 % Benignos Atipicos Anaplasico Meningotelial, Celulas claras Papilar fibroblastico Transicional Cordomas Rabdoide Cuerpos de psammoma Recurrencia Recurrencia Invasivo, del 7-20 % del 29-40 % recurrente y posreseccion metastasico subtotal
Foamy macrophages and rare psammoma bodies occurred in the core of the papillae.
Features suspicious for papillary carcinoma included the presence of some features of papillary carcinoma (cytoplasmic grooves, large nuclei and prominent nucleoli, cellular inclusions resulting in an 'Orphan Annie' appearance, and calcified psammoma bodies), but were insufficient to make the diagnosis.
Se observan cuerpos de psammoma y ocasionales celulas gigantes multinucleadas.
Nuclear pseudoinclusions and psammoma bodies, which are characteristic histologic features of meningiomas, are not observed in HPCs.
Bu degisikliklere ragmen psammoma cisimciklerinin (mikrokalsifikasyonlar) gorulmesi papiller karsinomu telkin eder (13) , (14).
6,11 Frequent calcifications in the form of psammoma bodies or dystrophic calcification may be present.
A pathologist reported that the tissue was a benign serous papillary rumor with psammoma bodies.
The stroma presented fibroblastic reaction and were accompanied by psammoma bodies.
Presence of nanobacteria in psammoma bodies of ovarian cancer: evidence for pathogenic role in intratumoral biomineralization, Histopathology, December 2004.