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an ancient stringed instrument similar to the lyre or zither but having a trapezoidal sounding board under the strings

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This is suggested not only by the relatively large number of its hymns exclusively from the latter, and by the title of the first hymnal published for the Brethren in Pennsylvania some twenty years later in 1744 by the Germantown publisher, Christoph Sauer (1695-1758), under the title of Das Kleine Davidische Psalterspiel (The small Davidic psaltery).
Hipkins, when reviewing Rossetti's paintings and drawings in 1883, identified the instrument in La Ghirlandata (1873) as a type of double psaltery known as an "arpanetta," indicating that it was typically played on "both sides of a double sound-board" (p.
Kihnu Vana Kannel ("The Old Psaltery" of Kihnu)--a collection of wedding songs stored in the Estonian Folklore Archive--includes descriptions of traditional weddings held in Kihnu in 1893 and in the period 1952-1975 (Vana Kannel:807839).
We read in the pages of the Bible of prophets coming down from high places that had musicians in front of the procession playing the psaltery, a timbrel, a pipe, and a harp before them.
Saying, 'It is (mere) legends and psaltery tales; there is no profound inquiry and lofty speculation;
In presenting traditional and original Celtic music, Tanya Brody and Matthew Gurnsey play a variety of instruments ranging from bohdran and concertina to harp and hammered dulcimer and psaltery and pennywhistles.
If in your psaltery, Father of Love, there is a tone Perceptible to his ear, Refresh his heart!
The pair play a plethora of exotic instruments, including the bodhran, concertina, psaltery, penny whistles, and fiddle and bones, just to name a few.
In his explanation of the musical instruments in Bosch's paintings, for example, Silver equates a psaltery, a plucked instrument, with a dulcimer, which was played with hammers--a comparison akin to calling a harpsichord a piano.
Worcestershire County Council will be working with adults to make a psaltery, an authentic musical instrument, on Saturday, April 14.
"King David Playing a Psaltery" is a small soft-toned ink portrait of a young King David.
The mayor strummed a psaltery, the mayoress thumped a side drum and musicians Paul Leigh and Gill Page, from Trouvere, played a crum horn and citole.
Derek Gifford is a seasoned performer of songs, unaccompanied or with guitar or bowed psaltery. He will be at the Shoddy Doggie Folk Club at the Station Hotel in Dewsbury.
In this group everybody had to play several instruments, and so I played recorders, lute, percussion, krumhorn and psaltery. At that time, I also started taking harmony and counterpoint lessons with composers Vanda Ribeiro Costa and Tarcisio Jose de Lima.