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the third compartment of the stomach of a ruminant

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Deborah Jean Warner calls it "the last politically motivated constellation" in The Sky Explored (1979), but Maximilian Hell published Psalterium Georgii, the Georgian Harp, for England's King George III in 1789.
4.5 (A) -- Psalterium Vesperarum (1540) (A); 690 x 490; 5 staves; 4 + 9 + 5 + 245 folios (psalter mostly unfoliated + hymnal fols.
Psalterium: Detox facility for victims of sodium overdose.
Quincuplex Psalterium de 1512, dans les Commentaires sur les quatorze
Wilson describes his Psalterium Carolinum (1657), which is dedicated to 'the Sacred Memory of His Late Maiestie', as motivated by a desire to preserve the past: 'as I formerly subsisted by the Bounty of my blessed Master King Charles, so now I hope to survive by his Piety, and by adding these Aires to his pretious Meditations, do imagine that in the mixture I have (as it were) embalmed this much of my self, and fortifyed my decaying Memory against all future assaults of Time'.
In the preface to his Psalterium Carolinum, the Devotions of his Sacred Majestie in his Solitude and Sufferings, published in 1657, soon after he became Heather Professor, he states that this tribute to Charles I's memory would be `the last of his labours'.
Admonendi etiam sunt sacerdotes, ut operam dent, quatenus missalem et lectionarium, psalterium sive aliquos libellos sibi necessarios bene correctos habeant.
What is more, five are labelled: 'lira', 'psalterium', 'canon', 'guiterna' and 'chitara' respectively; and three are unlabelled: a viol with bow, and two wind instruments, one cylindrical and one conical in profile.
Psalterium iuxta Hebraeos: |et de cornibus unicornium exaudi me' with Psalterium Gallicanum: |et a cornibus unicornium humilitatem meam').
Some of his writings were Memorable Providences Relating to Witchcrafts and Possessions (1689), The Present State of New England (1690), The Wonderful Works of God Commemorated (1690), The <IR> WONDERS OF THE INVISIBLE WORLD </IR> (1963), The Short History of New England (1694), The Life of His Excellency, Sir William Phips (1697), Reasonable Religion (1700), <IR> MAGNALIA CHRISTI AMERICANA </IR> (1702), The Negro Christianized (1706), The Deplorable State of New England (1707, 1708), <IR> BONIFACIUS </IR> (1710), Psalterium Americanum (1718), <IR> THE CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHER </IR> (1721), An Account of Inoculating the Small Pox (in collaboration with Dr.
46], f 84v; Postilla super Psalterium, s.l., 1500, f 3r-3v; Postilla litteralis ...
De esta suerte, en la Postilla super psalterium, Lira emplea una nocion de sentido literal que coincide plenamente con la postulada por Tomas de Aquino.