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Synonyms for psalmody

the act of singing psalms or hymns


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(10) Important studies of The Psalmist and The Baptist Psalmody include Richard Wayne Rose, "The Psalmist: A Significant Hymnal for Baptists in America during the Nineteenth Century" (D.M.A.
I wish to present three examples of biblical Psalmody which I believe exhibit significant "variations on a theme."
The third and final volume of the American Psalmody series takes its title from the most famous psalm: The Lord Is My Shepherd.
Henry Formby, The Catholic Christian's Guide to the Right Use of Christian Psalmody and of the Psalter (London: Thomas Richardson and Son, 1846), 11.
That provided a new model of sung vernacular psalmody. Lucien Deiss' Biblical Hymns and Psalms popularized compositions in which a refrain was assigned to the congregation with verses sung by cantor or schola.
One writer has been able to hear echoes of Jewish psalmody in his music.
The Sovereign handed Zakaria Mohamed Ali Trabelssi (Lebanon) the international Mohammed VI award for psalmody of the holy Quran, with memorization of five "ahzab".
Other topics include sex and transmission of sin in patristic exegesis of Psalms 50:5, Origen's use of the Psalms in the treatise On First Principles, Augustine on psalmody, translating and interpreting the psalter in Christian Andalusia, and Elder Aimilianos on the psalter and the revival of melodious psalmody at Simonopetra.
Periodically we see the brothers gather in the chapel to sit in rows facing one another and pray the antiphonal psalmody that makes up the bulk of the liturgical offices.
By the end of Edward's reign sung psalmody was slowly working its way into liturgical use.
Although the presentation on singing the psalm gives generous attention to Catholic settings and responsorial psalmody, other topics pay slight attention to Catholic translations or Catholic liturgical and spiritual contexts for appreciation of the psalm.
In Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Zurich, or Wesel, there is evidence of metrical psalmody and other singing, some of it drawing upon Lutheran hymnody.
"I larnt psalmody to singin' school, and havin' naturally a good voice, can do base to the nines, and sing complete.