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a composer of sacred songs

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The psalmist wrote,"My strength is dried up and my tongue cleaves to my jaws"(psalm 22.15) see also John 19.28-30).
For the Psalmist "Judgment Day" signifies the end of the tyranny of evil and the advent of universal justice and righteousness: trees are singing, mountains are joyful.
* Helpful guidelines for discovering and recognizing the relevancy of feelings and emotions of the Psalmist with the commonality of our contemporary ethos
Jesus is the abundant gift of God that provides life and the river of delights of which the psalmist writes.
Instead, it seems that homophile Anglicans and Lutherans are once again left with the Psalmist's refrain: "How long, O Lord?" We live in a church which readily accepts the "integrity and sanctity of committed adult same-sex relationships" but is too timid to take that acceptance to its logical conclusion.
The West wants to be seen as the friend of Africans, but as the Psalmist lamented: "The words of their mouth are smoother than butter, but war is in their hearts ...
Even in the "valley of darkness" of which the Psalmist speaks (Ps 23:4), while the tempter prompts us to despair or to place a vain hope in the work of our own hands, God is there to guard us and sustain us.
Are you and I, along with the psalmist, responsible for proclaiming the year of the Lord's favor?
The Psalmist wrote about how Christ will judge the poor, save the needy and break the oppressor.
The stories of Jacob and Job, the Psalmist and the Prophets, and most of all, the stories of Jesus and Paul inform our lives.
A newspaper reported: "One of the grandest similes used by the Psalmist to set forth the might and majesty of God is that of a rock.
In Psalm 104, the psalmist names that "someone" and enters into sustained praise of God the Creator.
This is but one of myriad biblical events that fulfill the Psalmist's joyous hope of the day when his people's feet will be dipped in the blood of their enemies.
From the psalmist's lament it is clear that people turning away from the aged, or even more to the point, people ignoring the elderly, is an ancient phenomenon.