pry bar

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a heavy iron lever with one end forged into a wedge

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A MY tool of the week is the Sharkgrip Pry Bar. One end is a two-pronged nail puller and the other is a thin crow bar, perfect for levering up boards.
A pry bar and hammer were discovered underneath Gran's laundry, Hain said.
When the victim hit the ground, he fell backwards and was impaled by a pry bar that was left standing upright on the ground.
After pulling him to the ground, Tracy began beating Davison with a two-foot "pry bar" tool guards carry to unlock the small meal tray openings in cell doors.
Here's a common approach: Pry up one end of each board with a flat pry bar, then use a big pry bar to do most of the work.
Young's vehicle officers found a pry bar, two hammers, a pair of pliers, two bolt cutters, gloves and three pill bottles belonging to the resident on Seminole Drive,'' police said.
A good system is to work a putty knife behind a section of board and wiggle it free of the wall enough to insert a flat pry bar such as a Wonder Bar.
Put a pry bar between the cover control arm and geared hub.
A The chances are the skirtings have been glued to the plasterboard, Knock a pry bar behind the skirting board then place a thin strip of wood behind the bar to protect the wall.
Remove the trim work at the top and bottom with a small pry bar and any trim around window.
The most basic tools for digging postholes are a long-handled shovel to loosen and remove soil, a heavy 6-foot pry bar to break up clods of earth and to tamp around your post, and a posthole digger.
This results in a positive lifting action without the lateral movement that would occur if a pry bar or screwdriver were used to open a mold.
Don't move.' He got to be about four paces from me when he held up a pry bar over his head.
For example, suppose the inventor of the dumbbell had filed a claim for "a bar with a load generator on each end." The patent examiner might reject the claim because it could apply to a pry bar. The inventor would amend the broadly worded claim by submitting a more limited description.
The plier handle on all the Coast multi-tools is rugged enough to be used as a pry bar, should you need one.