pruritus ani

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chronic itching of the skin around the anus

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The three prior reports and our report attributed perianal open comedones to chronic topical steroids or pruritus ani or as an incidental finding.
70% of patients complained of constipation and 50% complained of pruritus ani.
Lunevicius, "Long-term Results of single intradermal 1 % methylene blue injection for intractable idiopathic pruritus ani: A prospective study," Techniques in Coloproctology, vol.
It can be asymptomatic or present with a wide range of nonspecific signs and symptoms, such as eosinophilia, cough, wheeze, abdominal pain, weight loss, diarrhea, pruritus ani, and larva currens.
Anal itching, known medically as pruritus ani, is a fairly common condition that may occur either in or more often around the anus.
a: This sounds like you have pruritus ani - 'pruritus' meaning itching, 'ani' meaning around the anus.
Pruritus ani (PA), anal itching, is a common skin disorder that manifests as itching arising in the anal or perianal areas, which usually produces serious discomfort in the patient, and is frequently misdiagnosed as "hemorrhoids."
NEW ORLEANS -- A specially compounded ointment containing 0.006% capsaicin extract is effective at relieving recalcitrant pruritus ani, as well as pruritus of the vulva and scrotum, Timothy Berger, M.D., reported at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology.
A small amount of capsaicin ointment applied daffy significantly decreased itching in chronic pruritus ani, reported Dr.