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something that has been pruned off of a plant

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the act of trimming a plant

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Careful pruning leaves the plants smaller but not looking sheared.
But while pruning trees yourself is, of course, the cheapest option, it may not always be safe - or even possible.
PRUDENT PRUNING SIMON explains that employing a professional tree surgeon to prune larger trees isn't only to reduce the potential risk to the homeowner and their property, but to avoid damage from misinformed pruning.
Emma Allen, a garden manager at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Garden Wisley, said: "It's difficult to give general pruning advice, as there are so many shrubs and climbers - some follow the same rules and others have very specific requirements.
SHRUBS AND CLIMBERS: Most shrubs benefit from regular pruning to tidy them up, remove old wood and encourage flowering.
Bradley, a British horticulture educator, explains the plant biology of how pruning affects a plant and general techniques for pruning 50 shrubs, such as camellia, clematis, hydrangea, jasmine, potentilla, rosa, and viburnum.
| SECOND YEAR PRUNING IN the second year pruning is less dramatic, as you can cut stems back in late winter to 1m (40in) to encourage branching higher up the plant.
Commercial growers in New Jersey often have to begin their annual pruning in late September, even before typical northern varieties have gone fully dormant.
The blueberry is a shrub and presents a winter rest period, in which important cultural practices are carried out, among them, the winter pruning. Since the implantation of the orchard, the pruning is done to favor better vegetative development, providing production from three years old.
I find the best bit of kit for pruning roses of all kinds, and rambling ones in particular, is a good pair of gloves.
The costs associated with such pruning and disposal of prunings are high -- around $1,134 per acre total for years 1 to 6 (UCCE 2012).
'Now that half of February has passed, is it OK to begin pruning my fruit trees?''