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Synonyms for prudence

Synonyms for prudence

the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters

careful use of material resources

Synonyms for prudence

discretion in practical affairs

knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress

References in classic literature ?
Thus truth, frankness, courage, love, humility and all the virtues range themselves on the side of prudence, or the art of securing a present well-being.
Thuzio is bringing innovation to a sector that has largely been untouched by technology," said Gavin Myers, Principal at Prudence Holdings.
The head of the central bank of Kenya has said that there is no need for fiscal prudence for macro stability.
Although the Supreme Court stated that the lower court correctly asked whether the last action, which constituted a part of the breach or violation of the duty of prudence, occurred within the relevant six-year period, it was incorrect to focus on the act of designating an investment for inclusion in the plan to start the six-year period.
It's the intersections of all these things that inspire the stories behind the story in Prudence and make it one of the most honest, moving novels about America in quite a while.
Therefore, if you have to follow a path of fiscal prudence, (you should) have a certain amount of discipline," Jaitley explained.
The unique value of prudence for judicial review in hard constitutional cases is its ability to realize constitutional ends through concrete means available to justices so that they may do the right thing in the right case at the right time for the right motive and in the right way.
Other stars on the retreat included actress Mia Farrow and her sister Prudence - about whom Dear Prudence was written - and Mike Love of The Beach Boys.
CUTLINE: (1) A CVS Pharmacy and the Worcester Registry of Deeds mark the area where Prudence Clothing and the Warner Theater were once situated on Front Street in Worcester.
Despite the lifting of the embargo, we still need to ensure that this financial prudence remains in place going forward.
Acting club chairman Peter Pannu said in a statement: "We are pleased that the hard work of those at the club and the Football League has paid off, and that the financial prudence put in place since Carson Yeung's arrest has been recognised.
In an age-old dilemma for many parents, daughter Prudence really, really, really wants a pet.
Passion, prudence, and virtue in Shakespearean drama.
Food artist Prudence who mixes food with art was asked to create the unique item.
Prudence Holleyoake, of Caerau, Cardiff, made it through to the finals of last year's art competition with her dramatic picture which features on this year's flyer.