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Synonyms for proximate

not far from another in space, time, or relation

about to occur at any moment

Antonyms for proximate

closest in degree or order (space or time) especially in a chain of causes and effects


very close in space or time

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In these circumstances, the chain of events, in my opinion, had been simultaneously instantaneous and continuously un-interrupted and un-broken which had proximately caused the Loss and, therefore, indemnifiable within the ambit of the Underwriters' relative Fire Insurance Policy by virtue of the Impact Damage Endorsement thereof.
2A), It tapers drastically from the base to the distal part where it terminates in an enlarged head similar to the condition observed in species of Thomasomys, Its base is deeply concave and narrow, about 35% of SL; well-developed and blunt lateral processes are apparent in ventral view, Proximately the base is slender and its width is much the same over its extension, The trident is 32% of SL with its digits of comparable proportions (Table 2); lateral digits are thicker and pointed, while medial digit is slim and blunter.
The Ninth Circuit also looked to Appleman's Insurance Law & Practice, a treatise that has been cited in Arizona court cases for guidance in explaining the purpose of fire insurance policies, which are "intended to cover every loss, damage, or injury proximately caused by fire, and every loss necessarily following directly and immediately from such peril or from the surrounding circumstances.
But from the pie, DOJ committed explicitly to providing restitution to those who were "directly and proximately harmed" by the actions of BNPP (the language is that of presiding District Court Judge Lorna Schofield).
Lynne Gargett, secretary of the Save Druridge group, said: "This is a signifi-cant amount of money and will enable us to produce materials that we can hand out at public events to raise awareness of the close proximately of the open cast to the bay itself.
A quick estimate shows that some 20 large slabs, measuring approximately 5'x3', and some 10 small slabs 2'x2' ap proximately have been taken.
Companies are drawn to the island because it is a US jurisdiction, offering competitive tax incentives, proximately to Latin American markets, protection under US law and access to a bilingual and highly educated workforce.
For the All Risks insurers exposed to those claims, the question was whether fires' proximately caused by rioting and looting were excluded because they were "occasioned directly or indirectly by or through or in consequence of.
Now, parties going to court over federal false advertising have one, clear standing test: They must show an injury to a commercial interest in sales or business reputation proximately caused by the defendant's misrepresentations.
sue aiders and abettors" and that statutory silence regarding aiding and abetting liability "indicates a deliberate congressional choice with which the courts should not interfere"]); and (2) plaintiffs do not allege the actions of these defendants proximately caused their injuries.
4) The First Circuit concluded that the victim's injuries were proximately caused by the defendant's use of the pornography, and upheld the district court's restitution order.
According to the court, it was the criminal and reckless shooting by the buyer, not the retailer's alleged unlawful sale of ammunition to him, which proximately caused the decedent's death.
And the evidence does not prove that the Bank acted with an improper state of mind or proximately caused plaintiff's injury.
The judge said "the evidence does not prove that the bank acted with an improper state of mind or proximately caused plaintiff's injury", according to a press release by the Arab Bank.
Their steel components and close proximately to Dubai made them a clear choice.