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Synonyms for proximate

not far from another in space, time, or relation

about to occur at any moment

Antonyms for proximate

closest in degree or order (space or time) especially in a chain of causes and effects


very close in space or time

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It provides information about reserves, reserves by state and formation, proximate analysis of coal, historic production and production forecast, production by grade, type and mining method, historic and forecast coal consumption, consumption by type and imports, coal prices, the competitive landscape and active, exploration and development coal projects.
Proximate and ultimate analyses of oil shale semi-coke and cornstalk samples Sample Proximate analysis, % [M.
The aims of the current study were as follows: (1) to update and refine significantly the models for proximate analysis by incorporating additional oyster reference samples (in particular, including those harvested during the summer (i.
Table 1 summarises ultimate and proximate analysis of the 2 STP materials, together with data for the raw materials.
The results of the proximate analysis and elemental compositions of the raw materials are shown in Table 2 and 3.
Proximate analysis was done as per Indian Standard 1350 (Part II) --1970 and reaffirmed in 1991[4].
Then, yield, heating value and thier proximate analysis were compared with nautral air flow burner.
However, we have found that the raw material has general similarities with hardwoods and other nonwoods, both in terms of proximate analysis and fiber characteristics.
Proximate analysis of the three types of bread (5% guar gum, 5% wheat bran and normal bread) were determined by measuring the level of moisture, fat, protein and ash according to the method of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC, 1984).
Proximate analysis of each diet was performed by a commercial laboratory (Woodson-Tenent Laboratories Inc.
Proximate Analysis of Japanese Vegetable Soybean Composition Value Energy (Kcal/100g) 582.
13C CPMAS NMR Investigation of the Proximate Analysis Fractions Used to Assess Litter Quality in Decomposition Studies', Can.
The recommended age of around 71 days for slaughtering is also accentuated by the proximate analysis of cooked (internal temperature of 75 degrees c) breast and drumstick (Table 3).
The caloric value of brewed and instant teas has been estimated by calculation based upon the proximate analysis of the soluble solids in tea.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer for Proximate Analysis Of Coal Chemical Lab, BTPS, WBPDCL.