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Synonyms for prow



Synonyms for prow

front part of a vessel or aircraft

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PROW has focused its efforts on delivering a variety of solutions unified by a
Through this new offering, PROW will be able to provide clients with purpose-built solution platforms that will enable them to analyze and monitor all their network activities more efficiently and increase business intelligence in order to streamline their business, optimize organizational efficiency, deliver consistent value, and accelerate growth.
"We are pleased that PROW has agreed to utilise our platform across its networks.
Clr Khan said PROW was being incorporated into Streetscene and Highways with PS215,000 in the Cabinet's proposals.
The PROW FUSION Transforaminal-Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) device and delivery system are intended for spinal fusion in TLIF procedures.
Technology will play a huge roll in this and Prow's presentation, therefore, couldn't be more relevant or more timely to the event's attendees," said Mark Southam, Event Director, CIO Government Summit.
The hunters - who usually use clubs - take aim from the prow and haul carcasses aboard with steel hooks to be skinned.
showboat prow that cuts the winter flood-tide, thunder-struck;
"We are thrilled that Peter Thornton has accepted the invitation to the first of our 2010 Family Business Forums in Birmingham," said Charlotte Prow, managing director of Wilsons.
French worker, Charles Criscenzo, 53, was killed at the scene of the accident, while 23-year-old Charles Prow, from Headingley, Leeds, died later in hospital.
MADONNA went on stage in Barcelona last night as it was revealed she broke down comforting the mum of tragic tour roadie Charles Prow.
He has managed to morph Jury's Inn, on the Kings Dock, into the prow of a ship.
I felt like Jackie Paper riding the prow of your neck.
In Kent, we've tried to go a step further to use the Public Rights of Way (PROW) network to support regeneration and rural economy, reduce congestion on our roads, which in turn tackles climate change, and to improve the health and quality of life for residents.