proving ground

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a workplace for testing new equipment or ideas

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The proving ground will have the task of testing new technologies, such as electrification, digitalisation and automated driving.
The BMW Group's proving ground is an outstanding example of the investments with higher value added, on which the Czech Republic is now focused and for which we are striving at CzechInvest.
The experimental warheads reached the designated area at the Kura proving ground.
The proving grounds will have different sections that equate to different road types: urban, motorway, intersections.
Wale said the new track, which is smaller than GM's more than 4,000-acre proving ground in Milford, Michigan, outside of Detroit, will allow the automaker to run 67 different driving tests.
Venue: Mazda Miyoshi Proving Ground in Miyoshi, Hiroshima prefecture.
The cool thing is, it's not fair to call 'The Daily Show' a proving ground, because it's such an exciting show in its own right, and it's really a destination, a worthy end goal," says "Daily Show" alumnus Ed Helms, who now stars on "The Office.
Army Ordnance Museum outdoor exhibit at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.
27 Aberdeen Proving Ground Chapter Third Annual Outing & Baseball Game Aberdeen, Md.
The new investment will be used to build several world-class facilities, including the largest professional proving ground in China.
The Army Aberdeen Proving Ground is seeking small business sources to provide Information Technology Support Services.
Army Yuma Proving Ground, aboard an Air Force C-130E.
Komatsu is establishing a new proving ground at the former Twin Buttes mine in Green Valley, Arizona, US.
Some will leave Warwick at 8am on Sunday, May 28, en route to joining other classic car owners at the Millbrook proving ground near Bedford, which is normally strictly off-limits to the public.
Thus, in Kimmel's judgment, American manhood has been unsettled since the early 1800s, a proving ground that forever leaves most men feeling dissatisfied and unsteady: hence, a recurrent need and desire to prove oneself, to reshape the body in order to master the self, to denigrate blacks, Jews, Indians, and others as unmanly, to flee to the natural world of Natty Bumppo or Dances with Wolves.