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Synonyms for provincial

Synonyms for provincial

of or relating to the countryside

having the restricted outlook often characteristic of geographic isolation

Synonyms for provincial

(Roman Catholic Church) an official in charge of an ecclesiastical province acting under the superior general of a religious order

a country person

characteristic of the provinces or their people


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The winners are provincially owned Canadian utilities.
With Sudbury, we are in a very nice position provincially and federally in terms of our economy," said Debbi Nicholson, president and CEO of the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce.
WAF noted that Kala Dhaka was a Provincially Administered Tribal Area (PATA) until it was converted into a settled area and renamed 'Torghar' last week, after which it might be excused for demanding the writ of the state, the pronouncements of the judiciary, and the provincial law enforcement system to be de jure and de facto functional.
A statement issued by the WAF noted that Kala Dhaka was a Provincially Administered Tribal Area (PATA) until it was converted into a settled area and renamed 'Torghar' last week, and that the provincial law enforcement system are de facto functional in the region.
The Paths project is unique in that it traces students through the post-secondary system--both provincially and extra-provincially--and follows them as they moved from post-secondary education into work.
The stores have retained their wholesale relationship with Sobeys for such items as dog food, spices and breakfast cereals, but are now selling provincially inspected meat supplied by area farmers.
Denis, and Ontario MPP, Mike Brown, instrumental in obtaining official recognition marking Peacekeepers Day nationally and provincially, but the community is officially credited with being the "birthplace" of Vimy Ridge National Heritage Day.
Jandola is part of the Provincially Administered Tribal Area under the administrative control of North West Frontier Province but outside the jurisdiction of Pakistan laws.
While central authorities were able to clamp down on Beijing, it is clear that in this new China much is decided locally and provincially, and that these decisions both sustain and challenge the hegemony of the Communist Party.
Saskferco is a private company owned 50% by the Mosaic Company, 49% by the provincially owned Investment Saskatchewan, and 1% by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC).
Cleenas Lady was a length second to Dilemmas Flight, herself a 10-1 chance this time around ahead of her appearance at Walthamstow last night, in the 2006 final, while Blonde Jeannie has already lifted Oaks titles provincially at Sheffield (Yorkshire) and Hall Green (Midland) this year in addition to her most recent success in the Global Windows Invitation at Sheffield.
Specifically, they address whether courts in the provinces that try criminal and civil cases should continue to be organized in two tiers: Superior Courts staffed by federally appointed judges for the most serious crimes; and lower-level Provincial Courts staffed by provincially appointed judges for the less serious cases.
Due to the site's provincially significant wetlands, the NEC denied Nelson Aggregate's proposed 80-hectare quarry on top of Mount Nemo, near Hamilton.
Manitoba's government has cited program costs as the reason it is backing away from operating provincially funded recycling programs.
The province noted that there are presently about 25 Royal Canadian Mounted Police vehicles and 60 provincially owned vehicles operating in the Winnipeg region that can use E85.