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Synonyms for provincialism

a lack of sophistication

a partiality for some particular place

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Then, but also later, the discourse of legitimization exalts apparently forgotten topics: the one of "roots", "fields", "ancestor origins" or "ancestor land", accompanied by archaist, provincialist, anti-Occidental temptations.
Some judges can be expected to have centralist leanings, either generally or in this specific context, others to have provincialist leanings, and still others to be agnostic and therefore receptive to shared jurisdiction in this area.
A provincialist in every sense - his life and work was centred on the Thames-side village of Cookham - his only nod to the outside world were specific commissions (such as his post-war Glasgow dock pictures) and a return to figurative art in the age of abstraction.
soil-rapt polarist [(nonce) provincialist polariser]
The fragmentation of the nominating authority suggests less likelihood that the Court could be deliberately structured in a calculated way over time, but the mode is still predominance rather than partnership, when what is needed is a court whose inherent design is neither provincialist nor centralist but federal.
It is high modernist in design, nationalist if not provincialist in its outlook, sexist in its particular omissions, and ethnocentric in the formalist circumspection of its discourse.