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Synonyms for provincialism

a lack of sophistication

a partiality for some particular place

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Barely February and city classrooms are threatened with myopic provincialism.
He stressed upon the need of nationalism and urged his countrymen to shun provincialism.
We've about given up on being surprised by the provincialism found in the biggest of cities.
Booker found his destiny manifested in California, leaving the murky provincialism of the Mississippi River for the vast embrace of the Pacific Ocean.
LOCAL politicians certainly make up for their provincialism with plenty of self-aggrandisement.
O]ur linguistic provincialism does not excuse intellectual provincialism," Posner wrote.
The second ideal solution is to get rid of Pakistan, instead of provincialism, as the Bengalis successfully did in 1971, and some other groups are attempting to do now.
Calling for the candidates to look beyond London, he said: "We need to see from Labour's UK leadership candidates a humility and a willingness to look beyond metropolitan provincialism and Fabian thinktankery.
Do whatever you can to discourage provincialism on the part of the line leaders and functional managers.
More space is devoted to the corporate modernism of Welton Beckett and William Pereira, whose work symbolises the provincialism of LA's public realm and its leaders' eagerness to settle for mediocrity.
Throughout the book he makes implied observations on certain social values such as snobbery, provincialism and assumed social graces.
Patricia Roy provides a wonderful overview of a century of provincialism in British Columbia, a province where a strong sense of its own identity never needed awakening.
He also continually attracts notice with his critiques of Czech cultural politics, published in the local press, decrying the country's provincialism and dilettantism, which he feels have forced its artists into harmful isolation.
Yet this fear of languages reflects a certain provincialism and lack of knowledge of the world.
What a loss this provincialism is, not just for those in danger abroad but for Americans who will never know the joys of community on a worldwide scale.
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