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Synonyms for provincial

Synonyms for provincial

of or relating to the countryside

having the restricted outlook often characteristic of geographic isolation

Synonyms for provincial

(Roman Catholic Church) an official in charge of an ecclesiastical province acting under the superior general of a religious order

a country person

characteristic of the provinces or their people


References in classic literature ?
These prisoners assured Governor Shirley that the fortifications of Louisburg were far too strong ever to be stormed by the provincial army.
Twenty-seven carts and trucks carried this money from the wharf to the provincial treasury.
Serious objections,' remarked the Provincial Mayor, with an air of impartiality, turning towards the Time Traveller.
The latter had evidently feared a revelation of his supposed misconduct to Madame Granson; and Suzanne, at the risk of not getting a penny from the society, was possessed with the desire, on leaving Alencon, of entangling the old bachelor in the inextricable meshes of a provincial slander.
Finding himself without means on the death of his father, he went, like other ruined provincials, to Paris.
They themselves fully understood each other; but in spite of the shrewd observation which provincials bestow on the petty interests of their own little centre, no one in the town suspected the rivalry of these two men.
Let us make haste, Demoiselle Mahiette," said the youngest of the three, who was also the largest, to the provincial, "I greatly fear that we shall arrive too late; they told us at the Châtelet that they were going to take him directly to the pillory.
It is certain that the provincial was on the point of taking offence, for the honor of her pillory.
Ah my dear," interrupted provincial Mahiette, assuming in her turn an air of superiority, "what would you say then, if you had seen in '61, at the consecration at Reims, eighteen years ago, the horses of the princes and of the king's company?
To be brief, I led the aimless drifting life of a young, provincial thrown into the heart of a great city; still retaining some good and true feeling, still clinging more or less to the observance of certain rules of conduct, still fighting in vain against the debasing influence of evil examples, though I offered but a feeble, half- hearted resistance, for the enemy had accomplices within me.
In Petersburg they were provincials, and the very people they had entertained in Moscow without inquiring to what set they belonged, here looked down on them.
KARACHI -- The Election Commission of Pakistan has almost completed the delineation of electoral constituencies for the national and provincial assemblies in Sindh.
ISLAMABAD -- Showing serious concerns over recent re- appointment of Dr Asim Hussain as Chairperson Sindh Higher Education Commission (SHEC), the Working Group on Higher Education Reforms has demanded for fresh appointment of new provincial chief through transparent and merit based competitive process.
Ms Ayesha Ghaus Pasha apprised the Adviser of the resource mobilization efforts being carried out by the provincial government, said a press release.
Punjab's Minister for Finance Dr Aisha Ghaus Pasha held a meeting with Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance Dr Miftah Ismail on Friday to take up the issue of slow transfers to provincial governments under the 7th National Finance Commission award amid a glaring mismatch between double-digit growth in tax revenues and sluggish increase in transfers of resources.
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