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I have, therefore, provided the lower part of the cylindrical iron box with a scape-pipe, with a valve operating by means of a pressure of two atmospheres; consequently, so soon as this amount of pressure is attained, the steam escapes of itself.
Is there not a manifest inconsistency in devolving upon the federal government the care of the general defense, and leaving in the State governments the EFFECTIVE powers by which it is to be provided for?
no, madame," answered De Winter; "but the case is provided for and I am come to France to seek allies.
I was provided with a receipt and duly and officially accepted as an excursionist.
While waiting for Magdalen's appearance, he provided himself with certain materials which were now necessary to carry the enterprise to its crowning point.
This article should help both CPAs and parties requesting comfort letters understand when such letters may be provided and, when the SAS no.
Founded in 2000, with data provided by Information Resources, Inc.
An excess benefit transaction is a transaction in which a designated organization provides a direct or indirect economic benefit to (or for the use of) a disqualified person (or certain related parties), if the value of the economic benefit provided exceeds the value of the consideration the organization receives for providing that benefit.
However, members often don't realize other frequently provided consulting services (such as informal business advice, assistance to clients in securing loans, budgeting, business planning, business valuation, financial ratio analysis, cash and inventory management) are subject to the SSMASs.
4 million series F-1 rated 'AA+/F1+', based on the LOC provided Lloyds TSB Bank plc (Lloyds);
TC Memo 1997-445, drastically affects an employer's ability to deduct the cost of meals provided to its employees.
Many agents have begun using a pro-forma employment tax questionnaire geared toward determining which fringes are provided to which employees and how the business treated the fringes for purposes of Federal employment taxes and income tax withholding.
For example, a CPA who has provided 1,500 hours of qualifying financial planning services over the past five years, has passed a Series (7, 65 or 66) Exam, and has completed 150 relevant CPE credits or their equivalent in the last five years, is likely to qualify.
If a plan of involuntary termination requires that employees render future service in order to receive benefits, the employer should recognize a liability and expense for the portion of involuntary termination benefits that will be provided after completion of future service ratably over the employees' future service period, beginning when the plan otherwise meets the recognition criteria discussed above.
Caprion compares models of millions of proteins against the studies of various diseases, trying to find opportunities for new treatments, so they turned to a grid computing platform that provided the power and scalability they need now and in the future.