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Synonyms for proven

Synonyms for proven

established beyond doubt


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This resolution was revoked in 2012 with the publication of NHC Resolution 466/12, which brought a number of advances, including instructions on the use of placebos and the requirement that sponsors provide participants free indefinite access to the best provenly effective prophylactic, diagnostic and therapeutic methods at the end of the study (75).
The ministry condemned the act, stressing that it was an isolated incident that did not reflect the entire correctional facility, which has provenly "made strides in terms of modernisation and respect of human rights".
The first variable of interest was the plasma CRP level, because it is an inflammatory marker provenly altered in patients with T2DM [7].
They also will get updated on the latest provenly effective practices from around the world.
And last week's ground-breaking announcement - from Chancellor George Osborne, note, not the DCLG - of the devolution of all health spending to Greater Manchester's authority confirmed emphatically that these vari-sized, vari-functional creations have a Whitehall acceptability that individual councils, however provenly responsible, simply don't.