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show one's ability or courage

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Based on the results of the statistical tests (which were obtained using the t-test and at the significance level of less than 0.05 and in the table 1), factors such as taking revenge against injustice, to prove oneself and show off, amusement and entertainment, fight against the existing social order, hanging around with vandals, and claiming power and prestige in the gangwere the most important causes of vandalism in the city of Parsabad.
The Codys seem to finally be on solid ground after a messy heist and an unexpected murder, however, just when they think they may be in the clear, on "Animal Kingdom" Season 2, episode 8, old sins and the desire to prove oneself threatens to bring them all down.
It is important to understand the times of testing and to these opportunities to prove oneself, to give thanks and to show happiness with everything God created.
She stressed the importance of going out and getting your hands dirty" in order to understand the job and prove oneself.
One has a shelf life in a performance- oriented job and needs to prove oneself again after a point in time." Mail Today
Iraqi cinema is enjoying a renaissance, thanks to young filmmakers who defy the usual beginners' odds--lack of funding, having to prove oneself to investors--in addition to a lack of infrastructure, no government support, and over a decade of deadly violence and upheaval in their home country.
There is a need to prove oneself. One can feel "like you have to work twice as hard as everybody else to prove that you're worthy of the position, not just because you were brought up in it."
In the present context of competitions and conflicts one tries not only to prove oneself right but also makes use of the maximum opportunity to prove the other wrong.
The meeting was told that legal heirs of only three victims had claimed the compensation in Margalla incident as certificate has to be obtained to prove oneself legal heir.
He gave her an article entitled, "Preventing Burnout" by psychologists Herbert Freudenberger and Gail North who identified the following 10 phases of burnout: A compulsion to prove oneself, working harder, neglecting one's own needs, displacing conflicts by ignoring the root cause of the distress, revision of values in which friends or hobbies are ignored, denial with emergence of cynicism and aggression, withdrawing from social contacts and/or using alcohol or substances to cope, inner emptiness, depression, and actual burnout syndrome.
There is, in the upper echelons of racing, a dual tug for newcomers - to prove oneself the most successful individual (which was, in essence, the purpose of the sport to begin with) while at the same time gaining acceptance by the historically minded community.
The need to prove oneself may give way to the desire to express one's uniqueness.
In a social structure where opportunities to prove oneself through education or career are limited, being a good mother is the most attainable way for a young woman to gain status within her community.
A gentle story of courage, as a little tugboat learns what it takes to prove oneself. The simple color artwork brings the tugboats and their waters to life; although the tugboat family is very personable in the tale, the art does not add faces to the tugboats or other unusual anthropomorphic features.
Digby noted, "People want what is safe, what they already know and therefore are able to judge against a reliable yardstick." For one filled with the insecurity of adolescence and the yearning to prove oneself, the risk of performing at any lower level is more embarrassing and perhaps less well accepted than in the past.