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curving outward

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The huge and protuberant stomach was amply supported by wide and massive hips, and the shoulders were broad as those of a Hercules.
Both were beginning to show a protuberant stomach; Chazelle's, which was round and projecting, had the impertinence, so Bixiou said, to enter the room first; Paulmier's corporation spread to right and left.
His iron-gray hair, the deep wrinkles in his face, the bushy eyebrows that had grown white already, the veins on his protuberant nose, the tanned face covered with red blotches, everything about him, in short, indicated a man of fifty and the hard work of his profession.
8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Ego trip 9 Rarer 10 Match 11 Omnibus 12 All 13 Studious 16 Saboteur 17 Tap 19 Namibia 21 Bonus 22 Pedal 23 Tackled DOWN: 1 Red meat 2 Tortilla 3 Arch 4 Frontier 5 Drub 6 Gross 8 Protuberant 13 Snowball 14 Untangle 15 Episode 18 Inept 20 Made 21 Back QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Residential 8 Aim 9 Dug 11 Blister 12 Glare 13 Bet 14 Met 15 Inspire 17 Yam 19 Lazy 21 Aged 23 Dump 25 Soya 27 Tot 29 Spinach 31 Amp 34 Tom 36 Route 37 Presume 38 Far 39 Rid 40 Transparent DOWN: 1 Rile 2 Emit 3 Intense 4 Europe 5 Tiger 6 Adam 7 Lure 8 Abbey 10 Get by 16 Elm 18 May 20 Apt 22 Gas 24 Unclear 25 Scarf 26 Snap up 28 Timed 30 Preen 32 Moat 33 Purr 34 Turn 35 Omit
With respect to the grotesque, Stallybrass and White wrote: "The classical statue has no openings or orifices whereas grotesque costume and masks emphasise the gaping mouth, the protuberant belly and buttocks, the feet and the genitals.
rufinota the face is only slightly ventrally protuberant (in Congomochtherus the face is obviously protuberant).
Physical examination revealed a cachectic woman, who was pale and had a massively protuberant abdomen.
Pressure" effects: The fat in a protuberant belly squeezes organs, resulting in incontinence, reflux, shortness of breath, and sleep apnea.
Under the rubric of a series, "The New," 1980-87, the transparent containers simultaneously showcase and entomb never-used vacuum cleaners and floor polishers, most memorable among them a squat cylinder with a protuberant hose then marketed as the Shelton Wet/Dry.
equation 1)--obtained by fitting the simulated and field data--appeared to be slightly protuberant in the range of 0 to 2r (Zhao et al.
her forehead high and protuberant, and her face round and full, with two languishing black eyes placed with peculiar obliquity of the outer angle, which characterizes the Mongelian [sic] variety of the human race, from which this people are descended.
High collars, halter necks, boat necks, turtlenecks will only bring the attention to the area and make you look more protuberant.
MRI showed that the protuberant pituitary gland was slightly larger than the expected size, but there was no identified mass lesion, researchers reported.
Chinese they were and will remain: a people endowed by nature with small eyes, a short nose, a flat forehead, little beard, large ears and protuberant belly" (293) and Chinese education accentuates the inferiority of national character: "the mode of education pursued by the Chinese conspired with their national character, to render them just what they are, and nothing more" (294).