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Synonyms for protuberance

Synonyms for protuberance

a part that protrudes or extends outward

an unevenness or elevation on a surface

Synonyms for protuberance

the condition of being protuberant

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His tail, you perceive, is held aloft by his two principal concubines, Elline and Argelais; and his whole appearance would be infinitely prepossessing, were it not for the protuberance of his eyes, which will certainly start out of his head, and the queer color of his face, which has become nondescript from the quantity of wine he has swallowed.
In fact, Hop-Frog could only get along by a sort of interjectional gait -- something between a leap and a wriggle -- a movement that afforded illimitable amusement, and of course consolation, to the king, for(notwithstanding the protuberance of his stomach and a constitutional swelling of the head) the king, by his whole court, was accounted a capital figure.
We scaled the cliffs as far as we could; but near the top they are absolutely perpendicular without any sufficient cleft or protuberance to give hand or foot-hold.
He sat by the piano, with his watch-chain resting in folds, like a golden serpent, on the sea-green protuberance of his waistcoat.
Still rolling in his blood, at last he partially disclosed a strangely discolored bunch or protuberance, the size of a bushel, low down on the flank.
One of the evil genii, who are perpetually upon the watch to inflict ill, has put it into the heads of these accomplished ladies that the thing which we describe as personal beauty consists altogether in the protuberance of the region which lies not very far below the small of the back.
Already one corner had been forced past the rocky protuberance of the entrance way which had held it in place.
Like tailors' dummies they were headless; and like tailors' dummies they had a handsome unnecessary humpiness in the shoulders, and a pigeon-breasted protuberance of chest; but barring this, they were not much more like a human figure than any automatic machine at a station that is about the human height.
Winterbourne listened to him: he stood staring at the raw protuberance among the April daisies.
The evidence of the Hurro-Hittite Bilingual shows that suppistuwar-ant- is another possessive adjective in -ant-, 'possessing bosses, protuberances, appliques' from the noun suppistuwarali- 'boss, protuberance, applique' (also spelled once ispistuwaras at KUB 42.
Install kerb protuberances and new ramps on Morphett Street, relocate signal posts to new kerb protuberances and continue bicycle lanes through the intersection
The proposed framework offers a savvy answer for recognizing potholes and protuberances on streets and informing drivers about their vicinity.
In the invitingly pastel-hued "Untitled" (2015), for instance, phallic protuberances rise out of what could be the female reproductive system covered in menacing spiky hairs.
Scientists also found unusual protuberances in the usually smooth profile at the ring's edge.
The architects of Iglesia Parroquial en Rivas Vacia-madrid in Madrid, Vicens + Ramos, also make strong use of corners and edges, with finger-like protuberances projecting like truncated pyramids out of the north side of the church.