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Synonyms for protuberance

Synonyms for protuberance

a part that protrudes or extends outward

an unevenness or elevation on a surface

Synonyms for protuberance

the condition of being protuberant

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Piano exceeds expectations with a swelling glazed protuberance, five storeys high, that slinks around a more conventional orthogonal block, enfolding it in a sinuous, shimmering embrace.
In most cases, however, the lesion presents as a vertically oriented cleft of pink tissue in the anterior midline neck, often with an associated protuberance of skin superiorly and a blind sinus tract inferiorly.
You can also massage the acupuncture points located on the instep of your foot between your Achilles tendon and the protuberance of your ankle.
Several months ago one of the hens began showing a large protuberance underneath her breastbone which had some quite viscous fluid in it; when one pressed on the blister it stayed indented for some time.
Every time you turn round there's a new ad or TV trailer proclaiming, tongue in cheek, that size matters and that is certainly the case in the 1986 play which asserts that Kafka senior had a bigger protuberance than his son, a fact which created the tens ions between them and the now famous writer's inferiority complex.
Young males of the bearded tit grow hardly any so-called cloacal protuberance when isolated from females, report Andreas Sax and Herbert Hoi of the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Comparative Ethology in Vienna in the October Auk.
This ground covers an unexplored part of the Sudbury Igneous Complex (SIC) contact south of the Foy Offset Dyke as well as a highly prospective and distinctive protuberance of the main SIC norite into the footwall rocks.
The robust and wrinkled elephantine haunches of the larger one (Acrobate, 20 12) conjoin a buoyant spherical rump, which is crowned by a knobby protuberance and a kinky hair-lined orifice just below.
He was also concerned about the external appearance of his nose, which had gradually increased in size and protuberance.
It highlights such features as a ball-shaped protuberance on CD4 that fits nicely into a deep cavity on gp 120.
The main distinguishing characteristic of the muscovy is a red, fleshy protuberance, called a caruncle, around the eyes and the top of the bill.
OVERTHETOP(TM), the new eyewear technology which debuted on top athletes at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, features a hingeless frame that wraps the upper cranium and anchors beneath the posterior occipital protuberance of the skull.
Located between the eyes, the small protuberance was found on the mummy of the so-called Elder Lady.
Reinventing the concept of eyewear, the company has created a hingeless frame that wraps the upper cranium and anchors beneath the posterior occipital protuberance of the human skull.
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