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thrusting outward

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Occlusion of these patients was checked and adjusted before delivery of the denture sequentially in centric, lateral and in protrusive positions.
The actin-bundling protein fascin stabilizes actin in invadopodia and potentiates protrusive invasion.
Restoration of the dentition to such an altered occlusal plane can introduce posterior protrusive interferences.
The patient presented with a class 1 occlusion with anterior guidance on protrusive movement without posterior contact, canine guided occlusion on right excursion and group function occlusion on the left.
Shot in 3-D on smartphones and GoPro cameras, Adieu employs the extra dimension not, as one might expect from the cantankerous Godard, to mock the post-Avatar mania for the gimmick--"What they call images are becoming the murder of the present," he pronounces in the film--but to pay homage to cinema's past and to use 3-D's protrusive illusionism to amplify the everyday splendor on which the director has long doted: nighttime traffic, fields of flowers, bucolic lakeshores.
Temporal bone adaptations in response to protrusive function in juvenile and young adult rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta).
Analisis funcional: El trayecto mandibular desde la posicion de reposo a oclusion (1) se observo en dos fases: borde a borde y despues deslizamiento anterior a protrusive con mordida cruzada anterior.
Apoptotic blebs are protrusive blisters formed when cellular plasma membrane delaminates from the cortical cytoskeleton, covering the entire surface of apoptotic cells.
Eliot's notorious anti-Semitic portrait of 'Bleistein with a Cigar,' (1920): 'A lustreless protrusive eye' (54) and is surprising considering Jameson's sympathy for the plight of Jews in Hitler's Germany.
Maxillary central and lateral incisors (n=80; 86 Percent) were the teeth most affected by avulsion injuries be- cause of their protrusive and vulnerable positions.
Quantitative analysis of temporomandibular joint adaptations to protrusive function.
What follows is a succession of such transformations: she builds a head of tangled Grecian curls and is Medusa; she gouges deeply into her upper lip, remodelling her lower face and sculpting her hair into long, upright ears and is a woman-hare hybrid; she folds her ears forward to form a heavy brow, adds a broad protrusive nose, a jutting chin and horns and is a goat-man, a medieval devil.
Bleistein is a disturbance in the poem and part of this is due to the protean nature within him: another Sweeney-like character, he not only looks like an ape ("A saggy bending of the knees / And elbows, with the palms turned out"), but he also has an eye/I associated with the lowest and simplest form of living matter ("A lusterless protrusive eye / Stares from the protozoic slime") (CPP 40).
where a is the ratio of base side length of the protrusive notch isosceles triangle to that of the initiator isosceles triangle [b.