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Pliocene horse approaching donkeys in size

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Desde el punto de vista trofico, la especie Hemiauchenia vera estuvo en franca competencia con los Perissodactyla, representados por las tres especies de caballos: Protohippus gidleyi Hulbert, 1988, Calippus hondurensis (Olson & McGrew, 1941) y Dinohippus mexicanus (Lance, 1950), los xenartras, representados por Pliometanastes, un Megatheriidae y un posible Mylodontidae, y el proboscideo Gomphotherium hondurensis (Laurito & Valerio, 2005, 2010, 2013; Valerio & Laurito, 2008, 2014).
1988: Calippus and Protohippus (Mammalia, Perissodactyla, Equidae) from the Miocene (Barstovian-Early Hemphillian) of the Gulf Coastal Plain.
1998: Late Miocene Three-Toed Horse Protohippus (Mammalia, Equidae) from Southern Alabama.
Five taxa of equids were described from the ash bed by Voorhies (2006), including Neohipparion affine, Pseudhipparion gratum, Cormohipparion occidentale, Pliohippus pernix, and Protohippus simus.
The main differences lie in the abundances between Neohipparion, Pliohippus, Protohippus and, of course, Calippus (only present at a one locality).
Mission and Ashfall vary most significantly in the abundance of Neohipparion and Protohippus as well as the absence of Calippus at Ashfall.
Several specimens were identified as Dinohippus; these were determined to be referable to Pliohippus, while a few were referred to Protohippus.
Calippus and Protohippus (Mammalia, Perossodactyla, Equidae) from the Miocene (Barstovian-Early Hemphillian) of the Gulf Coastal Plain.