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small horned dinosaur

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The nest that contains the fossilized remains of 15 Protoceratops juveniles reveals new information about postnatal development and parental care.
You can see the skull of a Protoceratops, the most common dinosaur of the Gobi desert in China and learn how fossil bones were ground for medicinal purposes.
About 80 million years ago during the Cretaceous period, a plant-eating dinosaur called Protoceratops (pro-toe-SAIR-uh-tops) lumbered across parts of Asia.
Other favourites include stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, brontosaurus, protoceratops and triceratops.
Of course, Will's translator and reluctant companion, Protoceratops Chaz, is ordered to accompany him.
Here, the most striking case relates to the legendary griffin and its resemblances to, in particular, the actual form of the Cretaceous Protoceratops.
The intact skull comes from a protoceratops, believed to be the predecessor of the well-known, three-horned triceratops, according to the auction catalog.
At a site called Tugrik, for instance, Polish and Mongolian paleontologists discovered a predatory Veiociraptor and an herbivorous Protoceratops locked in what appears to be a violent clash frozen in time.
See fossils, skeletons - Protoceratops and a young T-Rex.
R 268 646 -- Protiguanodon AMNH 6253 123 15 Protoceratops AMNH 6424 210 19 Styracosaurus AMNH 5372 618 80.
Other stars of the show are animatronic models of the Protoceratops, Oviraptor, Velociraptor, Gallimimus, Camarasaurus and the earliest living bird, Archaeopteryx, as well as fossils of pterosaurs, pliosaurs and ammonites.
The scientists have revealed that the dinosaur is a Protoceratops, and since this is one of the most common dinosaurs found in the rich fossil beds of the Gobi Desert, it was not deemed to be very significant.
Specimens at the Centre include the cast of a Protoceratops skull; casts of dinosaur and fossil mammal teeth and a hands-on model of a giant komodo dragon
Denison; Will and Sylvia, the adventurous young Skybax riders-in-training: the devious curmudgeon Lee Crabb: the beautiful musician Oriana Nascava; and a multilingual, diplomatic Protoceratops named Bix.
As he stepped from his vehicle, Novacek nearly tripped over the skeleton of an 80 million-year-old Protoceratops, a pony-sized dinosaur.