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small horned dinosaur

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The "raptor" was not raiding Protoceratops eggs but protecting its own nest when it met its demise.
The name was not right - the name they had was oviraptor but the dinosaur silhouette showed what was most likely a protoceratops.
The find suggests that the young Protoceratops were looked after for quite some time after hatching.
The nest that contains the fossilized remains of 15 Protoceratops juveniles reveals new information about postnatal development and parental care.
Se dividen en tres familias: Psittacosaurids, como el Psittacosaurus; Protoceratopsids, como el Protoceratops y el Leptoceratops, y los Ceratopsids, que se dividen en dos subfamilias: los Ceratopsins--o ceratopsidos de collar corto, como el Avaceratops, Brachyceratops, Monoclonius, Pachyrhinosaurus, Styracosaurus y el celebre Triceratops--y los Centrosaurins --o ceratopsidos de collar grande, como " el Anchiceratops, Chasmosaurus, Pentaceratops y el Torosaurus.
The frilled marginocephaiians are represented by the complete skeleton of a Protoceratops, an early member of the group, discovered in Asia.
This uses the discovery of fossils in the Gobi Desert and New Mexico to reconstruct a velociraptor and protoceratops battle, a deadly flash flood and T-Rex appearance as well as using computer graphics to argue that some birds are the descendants of dinosaurs.
You can see the skull of a Protoceratops, the most common dinosaur of the Gobi desert in China and learn how fossil bones were ground for medicinal purposes.
About 80 million years ago during the Cretaceous period, a plant-eating dinosaur called Protoceratops (pro-toe-SAIR-uh-tops) lumbered across parts of Asia.
Other favourites include stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, brontosaurus, protoceratops and triceratops.
According to Adrienne Mayor, the griffin legend was based upon interpretations by Scythian gold-miners of the fossil remains of Protoceratops, a Cretaceous period four-legged, birdlike dinosaur found in the Gobi Desert.
Of course, Will's translator and reluctant companion, Protoceratops Chaz, is ordered to accompany him.
The intact skull comes from a protoceratops, believed to be the predecessor of the well-known, three-horned triceratops, according to the auction catalog.
At a site called Tugrik, for instance, Polish and Mongolian paleontologists discovered a predatory Veiociraptor and an herbivorous Protoceratops locked in what appears to be a violent clash frozen in time.
See fossils, skeletons - Protoceratops and a young T-Rex.