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occasion when you can express opposition by marching (usually on some government institution) without a license

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Sikar (Rajasthan) [India], Mar 13 ( ANI ): Scores of burkha-clad women held a protest march against Triple Talaq Bill in Rajasthan's Sikar on Monday, which criminalises the practice of instant divorce.
About 300 doctors, students of medical school and citizens started this morning a protest march heading toward the HNC Government building with the banners reading "Your life is in our hands", "Open negotiations or shut down institutions", "If you do not have time for these doctors, look for another ones ".
The protest march has been organized by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Azad Jammu and Kashmir to express solidarity with the victims of persistent ceasefire line violations by Indian forces from across LoC.
The sources also said that some mischievous elements have entered the ranks of Tehreek Khatme Nubuwat with nefarious designs, therefore the protest march has been temporarily cancelled to revisit the strategy.
A protest march was staged in the main streets of the city.
22/April/2017] SANAA, April 22 (Saba) -- A new protest march of "torches and candles" has joined the "protest for bread" march heading to the Red Sea port province of Hodeidah to demand a humanitarian zone in the port city.
They poured out of planes, subway trains and buses from all over the United States, some four million women, men and children, to join a protest march in Washington a day after the inauguration of US President Donald Trump.
They regard it as an assault on their human rights, and there has been talk of a protest march to support the promotion of the golliwog on the grounds that it has long been a part of British culture.
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has decided to launch a protest march against the government from 7th August onwards from Peshawar.
Talking for TV "Vizion Plus", Hoxha reminded that this protest march will take place on the Day of Europe and the day of the events in Kumanovo Wild Municipality last year.
FFA organises protest march THE dairy sector's woes have prompted Farmers For Action to mobilise a protest march through the streets of London on March 23.
Tata will join other steel producers in a protest march in Brussels on Monday to demand action.
Crossing all the provincial boundaries of ethnic divide, so far said to have been adopted by Ananthi Sasitharan, the Tamil National Alliance Provincial Councilor, before leaving to Geneva to participate in the UN Human Rights Council's session, led a protest march other day to condemn the brutal sexual assault and killing of the five-year-old toddler from Gampaha Kotadeniyawa - Seya Sadewmini.
A PROTEST march saw two arrests after demonstrators occupied a bank in Cardiff city centre yesterday afternoon.
Cebu City Councilor Dave Tumulak said over 100 drivers and operators with the transport group held a protest march from Barangay Carreta to the Region VII Land Transportation Office (LTO-7) along Natalio Bacalso Avenue.