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any enzyme that catalyzes the splitting of proteins into smaller peptide fractions and amino acids by a process known as proteolysis

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In this study, we also used tissue explantation and proteolytic enzyme digestion at 4 AdegC to isolate the epithelial cells.
Orthopaedics: In a clinical trial, patients with long bone fractures were treated with oral bromelain as a proteolytic enzyme combination containing 90 mg bromelain per tablet after surgery.
To check the proteinacious nature of antimicrobial agent by LAB strains, its sensitivity against proteolytic enzyme pepsin was checked.
Other proteolytic enzymes such as papain, bromelain, serratiopeptidase, and nattokinase come from food or other outside sources.
Trypsin is the most discriminating of all the proteolytic enzymes in terms of the restricted number of chemical bonds that it will attack, and it's widely employed as a reagent for the orderly and unambiguous cleavage of such molecules.
The present study suggests that acute paraphimosis in adolescent ram can be therapeutically managed with prompt institution of rational therapy alongwith antibiotic, NSAID and proteolytic enzyme.
It was shown that the presence of carbohydrates (over 1%) in the growth medium of the microorganisms increased (from 2 to 15 times) the proteolytic enzyme secretion, whereas their lack (less than 0.
2012) analyzed the specific cellulolytic, amylolytic, and proteolytic enzyme activities in the midgut gland of males and females from each microhabitat fed in the laboratory with Spartina densiflora leaves and sediment, respectively, to detect sex-, food-, and microhabitat-related differences.
This unique proteolytic enzyme blend targets the internal and external peptide bonds that make up the gluten protein," said Scott Ravech, the company's CEO.
Systemic enzyme therapy, also called metabolic or proteolytic enzyme therapy, allows enzymes to enter the body where they can be used for healing rather than digestion.
Lactic acid bacteria require a wide range of amino acids for growth and their proteolytic enzyme complement is able to split most types of peptide bonds [37].
2003, "Characterization of proteolytic enzyme activites in macroalga", Eur J Physol.
Natural rubber which contains proteins having a molecular weight of more than 14 kDa, substantially no proteolytic enzyme and its decomposed compounds and substantially no proteins specified by the bands of 14, 31 and 45 kDa by SDS-PAGE and having a nitrogen content of 0.
However, the proteolytic enzyme system decreases as the animal grows older resulting in tough meat.