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Additional tests are ongoing to determine the effect of antigenic protein removal using centrifuged latex.
announced today that the results of a randomized, multi-site scientific study indicate that the Company's Mid-Dilution Hemodiafiltration (Mid-HDF) therapy, using its OLpur MD 190 filter, offers the advantages of both pre- and post- HDF, and is "the most efficient dialysis procedure for Low-Molecular Weight Protein removal.
ReNu MultiPlus solution cleans, rinses and provides outstanding comfort, disinfection and protein removal for contact lenses.
This protein removal chemistry utilises both ionic charges of the molecules and Van der Waals forces to lift off loosely attached denatured proteins like a gentle magnet.
Some of them include the ProteoExtract Subcellular Proteome Extraction Kit (S-PEK), the ProteoExtract Complete Proteome Extraction Kits (C-PEK), and the ProteoExtract Abundant Protein Removal Kits.