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any large molecule containing chains of amino acids linked by peptide bonds

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Dec 24 ( ANI ): A study has recently found that exercising on a running wheel can stop the accumulation of a protein molecule in the brain, which is believed to play a central role in the degenerative disease Parkinson's.
A team of specialists at Newcastle University have been analysing protein molecules in an effort to tackle antibiotic-resistant bacteria which has built up an immunity to more familiar medicines.
Explain that the helical portion of the cord (see Figure 1) represents the secondary structural level of a protein molecule, which is held in a coil by hydrogen bonds that form between every third amino acid.
Translation: a cellular process accomplished at special structures known as ribosomes that make a protein molecule from information contained in messenger RNA.
He developed a general method of systematically assigning certain fixed points in the protein molecule, and also a principle for determining the distances between these.
Two scientists at Stanford University--with the help of 30,000 volunteer personal computers--have simulated part of the complex folding process that a typical protein molecule undergoes to achieve its unique shape.
Surprisingly, sixteen water molecules were found to occupy approximately the same positions in all three crystal forms, indicating an important role in the structure of the protein molecule.
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), commonly called mad cow disease, is a fatal illness caused by a rogue protein molecule, not a virus or bacterium.
Utah State University (Logan, UT) has patented a method for the in vitro biosynthesis of proteins in native conformation by immobilizing on the surface of an affinity matrix at discrete locations a ligand for which the protein being synthesized has an affinity and adding to the reaction mixture said affinity matrix having said immobilized ligand so that each molecule that is in the process of folding into a functional protein molecule may bind an immobilized ligand and be kept separated from other protein molecules as the folding proceeds.
As soon as a protein molecule is made inside a cell from the gene encoding it, it folds up to assume the unique shape that determines its activity.
It looks for a type of protein molecule only found in cancerous tissue.
Immersing the protein molecule in digestive enzymes derived from bacteria broke the amino-acid chain into apparently harmless components.
The announcement came as another group of scientists revealed a protein molecule found in the kidney could be used against cancer.
A protein molecule found in dendritic cells, which commonly line the rectum, cervix and vagina, appears to be the means of transportation allowing HIV to enter the body.
The fragments of a protein molecule so obtained are called peptides, from the Greek word for "to digest.