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Various cells other than Human Skin Fibroblast (HSF) 1184 cells for example mouse hybridoma ME-750 cell [1] and Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines [2, 9] have been used to investigate the ability of plant protein hydrolysates for cells' growth.
Free radical scavenging activity of porcine plasma protein hydrolysates determined by electron spin resonance spectrometer.
The reducing power activities of the fish protein hydrolysates of seela and ribbon fish were increasing with increase in the sample concentration (Figure III).
Its protein hydrolysates are manufactured using state-of-the-art manufacturing and automated control processes, and its lactose excipients are certified to meet all compendial requirements of the NF, EP and JP monographs.
We used this approach to develop a stable-isotope-dilution LC-MS/MS method for the simultaneous analysis of underivatized CML and CEL in plasma protein hydrolysates.
The addition of skin and hair conditioning protein hydrolysates, which are almost always rich in amino acids, can result in the chemical reaction of vanillin with the amino acids to produce colored Schiff's bases.
These include branded and non-branded ingredients, such as Vivinal GOS (prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharide), whey protein hydrolysates, Glutamine peptide (wheat-based peptide), lactofer-rin, colostrum, soy protein hydrolysate and caseinates.
A broad variety of in vitro assays has been developed to evaluate the antioxidant activities of protein hydrolysates.
The protein hydrolysates were fractionated on the basis of the amphoteric nature of the peptides.
As well as increasing the degree of hydrolysis, the addition of specific filtration steps can significantly reduce the allergenic potential of protein hydrolysates.
11-13) Protein hydrolysates are a relatively effective alternative to the use of serum as they have been shown to have beneficial effects on cell growth and productivity.
These 15 articles address a range of issues, including the benefits of breastfeeding, breast anatomy and its effects on breastfeeding, incidences of carotenemia (high carotene levels due to ingestion of too many carrots, squash or sweet potatoes), ideas children and their caregivers have about fruits and vegetables, beverage consumption, the role of qualitative research in studies of child nutrition, diet and low income, psychological factors in weight gain, obesity prevention programs, solid food in infancy, French teenagers and their food, iron deficiency in infancy and its effects on humoral immunity, research in diet and dental caries, and assessments of protein hydrolysates and amino acids in infant formula.
Dry blending of powders often requires artificially augmenting the taste with additives such as flavour and taste enhancers, salt and protein hydrolysates.
The majority of the protocols focus on proteins and protein hydrolysates, but there are sections devoted to the analysis of body fluids and physiological samples.
Further Whey Fractions - includes products such as whey protein isolate (WPI), whey protein hydrolysates, lactoferrin, lactoperidoxidase, lactalbumin, lactoglobulin, peptides, etc.
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