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This indicates that when CSC was replaced with RSC or MGF on protein equivalent basis by inclusion of 21, 14 and 18% respectively, the palatability of ration was not affected for Sahiwal calves.
699%), in substitution of glutamic acid, in protein equivalent, corresponding to isoleucine levels 0.
Endurance capacity was improved with chocolate milk and the sports drink compared to the third beverage, even though the latter provided carbohydrate and protein equivalent to chocolate milk and more carbohydrate and energy than the sports drink.
Severely materially deprived persons have living conditions constrained by a lack of almost half of the following resources and items: Not be able to afford to pay rent/mortgage or utility bills, to keep home adequately warm, to face unexpected expenses, to eat meat, fish or a protein equivalent every second day, a one week holiday away from home, a car, a washing machine, a colour TV, or a telephone.
Scientists at the Institute of Chemistry of Molecular Recognition- National Research Council, Milan, Italy, introduce two dozen chapters by international contributors who present methods and protocols for meeting the technical challenges of the protein equivalent of the DNA microassays widely used for large-scale analysis of gene expression in genomic research.