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Synonyms for protect

keep someone safe


Synonyms for protect

to keep safe from danger, attack, or harm

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But the idea of "separation of church and state" (a phrase not in the Constitution) and the role of religion in public life are still intensely debated: Conservatives often argue that the First Amendment protects freedom of religion, not freedom from religion; liberals often say that the best way to protect religious freedom is to minimize its role in public life.
While you may store your clients' personal information at other places inside your firms, inside your accounting software is a guaranteed location for this information--and if you're not careful in selecting software that protects this data, you could be compromising the privacy of your clients' data.
Instead of products designed to protect against the loss of an asset or contract, trade disruption insurance protects against not being able to transport a product where it needs to go because a disruption has occurred along a trade route.
After some research on our part we convinced the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection that big tree protection could be fundable as a way to protect water quality under the Clean Water Act.
This law requires school districts seeking federal funding for technology to install a "technology protection measure" that will protect against access to material considered harmful for minors.
Protects against: polio, a virus that can paralyze and kill.
The product also provides faster content scanning and enhanced centralized management of desktop anti-virus software to ensure that new viruses and malicious code threats neither enter nor leave their corporate network, protecting businesses from both costly network downtime and liability from a virus outbreak protects companies from disguised threats.
No federal law specifically protects people from genetic discrimination.
A Kovel letter, which provides that the CPA is employed by an attorney, protects CPA-client communications.
The work product privilege protects material that is prepared in anticipation of litigation or for trial--by an attorney, a person working for an attorney, or in some cases a nonattorney--and contains or reflects mental impressions, thought processes, theories, opinions, or conclusions.
Write-protecting a hard disk protects it by not allowing any information to be added--or written--to the disk.
nCipher hardware protects encryption for latest generation of server platforms
Having more than one set of backup media protects against backup media failure.
Digital Armor protects the files from being shared or pirated during the test drive.
For this reason, Cloakware protects more than 500 million PCs, portable devices, mobile phones and set-top boxes.